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The dismissal of Tunisair's CEO is causing a stir - 07/08/2020

TUNISIA. After refusing a rescue plan for the airline, the Tunisian Transport Minister dismissed Tunisair's CEO under conditions deemed unconstitutional.

Israeli airline El Al to receive a $250m state-guaranteed loan - 07/07/2020

ISRAEL. The airline company El Al accepted the rescue plan proposed by the Israeli government and could be nationalised again.

The Portuguese government nationalises the airline TAP - 07/03/2020

PORTUGAL. To save it, the Portuguese Prime Minister raises the State's share in the airline TAP from 50 to 72.5%.

Covid-19 crisis leads Airbus to cut 15,000 jobs and Air France 7,585 - 07/01/2020

FRANCE / SPAIN. Airbus is planning to reduce its workforce by 15,000 employees, including 5,000 in France and 900 in Spain. Air France will cut nearly 7,600.

The Port of Barcelona launches a new service to Turkey - 06/11/2020

SPAIN. JSV Logistics now connects the port of Barcelona with the Turkish ports of Gebze and Ambarli in five days.

European airports do not envisage a return to pre-Covid-19 air traffic until 2023 - 06/08/2020

EUROPEAN UNION. Despite the lifting of the restrictive measures taken on transport, ACI Europe, the association of European airports, does not...

European Commission authorises €7bn special aid to Air France - 05/04/2020

FRANCE. The European Commission authorises the emergency cash support granted by the French State to Air France for €7 billion.

Air France to open reservations for Maghreb in June - 04/29/2020

MAGHREB / FRANCE. Air France is preparing to strengthen its domestic routes and is reopening bookings for Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.

European Court of Auditors calls for sustainable mobility in cities - 03/04/2020

EUROPEAN UNION. The European Court of Auditors publishes a report on sustainable urban mobility, denouncing the lack of progress in this area.

A high speed rail connection for new ports at Ashdod and Eilat - 04/24/2015

ISRAEL. Israel will soon have new ports at Eilat on the Red Sea and Ashdod on the Mediterranean. To facilitate the transport of freight, a high speed railway line will connect the two seas.

Algeciras aims to defend its title as the “Port of the Mediterranean” - 04/24/2015

SPAIN. The Port of Algeciras aims to maintain its leading position in goods handling in the Mediterranean by reaching 100 million tonnes this year.

The Port of Barcelona looks ahead to 2020 - 04/24/2015

SPAIN. The Port of Barcelona aims to improve road and rail access in a bid to increase goods traffic by 50% thanks to scheduled investments in cooperation with the local government (Generalitat of Catalonia) and the state (Ministry of Equipment).

Ro-ro traffic gets a boost in Marseille thanks to higher volume container flows - 04/24/2015

FRANCE. Marseille is banking on container shipping to regain its position as the leading port in the Mediterranean. These investments will also benefit ro-ro services.

The Port of Patras will be linked to the Greek railway network by 2020 - 04/24/2015

GREECE. Athens aims to open up the country via modernisation of its ports and road and railway networks. Priority will be given to infrastructures connecting ro-ro services to railway lines and the Port of Patras should be the first to benefit by 2020.

Portugal banks on ro-ro services to strengthen its links to Europe - 04/24/2015

PORTUGAL. The port of Leixões near Porto hopes to become less peripheral in Europe by developing ro-ro services thanks to a 26m-long ramp and a 310m-long quay.
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