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Ro-Ro sinks and swims in the Mediterranean - 05/23/2014 - Mathieu Bouchard

A contrasting picture for trans-Mediterranean Ro-Ro. East-west routes are developing positively but traffic between Europe and North Africa is decreasing.

Marseille-Tangier: «Maybe next autumn» - 05/23/2014 - Mathieu Bouchard

Marc Grolleau, CEO of Transcargo, which operates in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, and chairman of the AFTRI (French International Road Transport Association), is fighting for the creation of a Ro-Ro link between Marseille and the Moroccan port of Tangier, a project that for him “spells the future”.

Profitability of Ro-Ro lines declines in Algeria - 05/23/2014 - Amal Belkessam, ALGIERS

Foreign shipowners complain about dire waiting times in the port of Mostaganem, which has led to a significant fall in cargo volumes imported by Ro-Ro. Even though the average wait at the port of Oran is 4 hours, the specialisation of Algerian ports is a problem for foreign operators.

LoLo or Ro-Ro: A Strategic choice - 05/22/2014 - Francis Mateo, BARCELONA

Julio Martínez Alarcón has coordinated a comparative study of Ro-Ro (roll on/roll off) and LoLo (lift on/lift off) operating systems. The exhaustive study was carried out for FEPORTS (Port Institute for Studies and Cooperation in the Valencian Region). The report was produced with the support of the European Community as part of the Terconmed project.

Tomatoes: the winning strategy of the Aurora co-operative in Sicily - 04/23/2013 - Christiane Navas

ITALY. Strength through union! Tomato producers in Pachino, Sicily, put this motto into practice when they launched the Aurora cooperative in the 1970s. For the last twelve years it has enabled them to penetrate export markets.

Good international health for Spanish citrus - 04/23/2013 - Francis Mateo, BARCELONA

SPAIN. The Spanish citrus sector is still very competitive internationally, although competition from countries such as Egypt is being more acutely felt, mainly because of the difficulty in finding alternative logistics to road transport.

The Morocco Fruit Board - 04/23/2013 - Christelle Marot, CASABLANCA

An example of the sharing of resources in Morocco's citrus and early fruit and vegetable sector.

Rungis wholesalers still not yet ready to collaborate on logistics - 04/23/2013 - Nathalie Bureau du Colombier, MARSEILLE

What view do the retailers and wholesalers of Rungis International Market take of the downstream sharing of the means of transporting fruit and vegetables? In a sector ruled by intense competition, individual interests take precedence, even if it means trucks travelling half empty!

Egypt’s orange revolution - 04/18/2013 - Safia Ouared, Cairo

In the space of a few years, Egypt has made a quantum leap, both qualitatively and quantitatively, in the citrus fruit sector. This leap places it alongside Spain and Turkey on the podium of top orange producers and exporters, not only in the Mediterranean, but also in the world market.

Decline in Moroccan citrus fruit exports - 04/18/2013 - Christelle Marot, CASABLANCA

MOROCCO. In 2012, climatic vagaries caused a fall in small fruit exports. As regards oranges, the decline is more structural. For a number of years now, Morocco has lagged behind Egypt.

Innovation and transport: a new citrus route emerges in the Mediterranean - 04/18/2013 - Nathalie Bureau du Colombier, MARSEILLE

In recent years, citrus growers in the Mediterranean basin have been waging a relentless war on export markets. The price of labour, export subsidies, fruit quality, bilateral trade agreements, transport and logistics costs, there are no holds barred.

The fruit and vegetable sector is ready to share resources - 04/18/2013 - Nathalie Bureau du colombier

Challenged by the demand for frequent deliveries in large-scale distribution, companies in the food-processing industry are beginning to collaborate with a view to pooling transport and logistics operations.

Marseille surfing the cruise ship wave in the Mediterranean - 03/27/2013 - Frédéric Dubessy

In two decades, Marseille has gone from a few thousand to one million cruise passengers. This success is due to the total synergy between port professionals, tourism and institutional investors, which are all involved with the Club de la Croisière Marseille-Provence (Marseille-Provence Cruise Club).
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