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SNCF raises a record €2 billion loan with a 30-year maturity - 10/28/2020

FRANCE. The SNCF has closed a €2 billion loan over thirty years, the largest transaction ever carried out by the group on the financial markets.

GSE delivers a 48,200 m² logistics platform in Lombardy - 10/20/2020

ITALY. GSE Italia announces the delivery to Mesero (Lombardy) of a 48,200 m² multifunctional logistics platform built for Fondo CER-L. version française

Ryanair to close its Toulouse-Blagnac base and reduce its flights in Spain and Portugal - 10/15/2020

FRANCE. Ryanair announces the closure of its Toulouse base from November 2020 to March 2021 to minimise losses during this Covid-19 period.

Sky Express wants to change era by ordering four A320neo from Airbus - 10/15/2020

FRANCE / GREECE. First order and new customer for Airbus with the signature, on Wednesday 14 October 2020, of Sky Express for four aircraft.

Gaussin and Faurecia join forces in logistics and port handling - 10/09/2020

FRANCE. The two French companies Gaussin and Faurecia are going to work together to equip hydrogen storage systems for vehicles intended for logistics and port handling.

Threats to close the Thello Marseille-Nice-Milan railway line - 10/02/2020

FRANCE / ITALY. According to the railway workers' union CFDT, the company Thello plans to close its Eurocity line between Marseille-Nice and Milan in 2021. version française

Ryanair to open a permanent base at Beauvais - 09/24/2020

FRANCE. The airline company Ryanair is going to set up a permanent base at Paris-Beauvais airport, located in Tillé, with two planes stationed. version française

Vueling positions itself for the first time on domestic flights in France - 09/23/2020

FRANCE / SPAIN. The low-cost airline Vueling will offer its first domestic flights in France by serving Marseille, Brest and Montpellier from Paris-Orly airport.

SNCF's OUIGO trains announce their entry into spanish stations - 09/22/2020

SPAIN. The SNCF's high-speed, low-cost OUIGO trains will be extended to the Madrid-Barcelona link, which will also serve the cities of Zaragoza and Tarragona.

A student takes a majority stake in the Israeli airline El Al - 09/18/2020

ISRAEL. Eli Rozenberg, a twenty-seven year old Israeli student, now holds a majority stake of 42.85% in El Al, through his company Kanfei Nesharim. version française

Transavia reinforces its programme in France with the opening of five routes - 09/16/2020

FRANCE. Transavia France launches five new routes serving the South of France from Paris-Orly and Nantes-Atlantique.

Flight cancellations and delays in France this summer could cost airlines €26 million - 09/11/2020

FRANCE. According to a survey conducted by Flightright, between July and August 2020, just over 65,000 flights were operated out of France, down 60% from 2019. version française

The port of Beirut suffered less than expected - 08/27/2020

LEBANON. "The port is once again operating at 100%, for imports and exports" according to the new director of the port.

A new shipping line between France, Italy and Tunisia - 08/18/2020

MEDITERRANEAN. It serves from August 22nd the ports of Sète, Marina Di Carrara and Sousse.

The Port of Marseille maintains its 2020 investments, despite a 15% drop in its traffic - 07/09/2020

FRANCE. Impacted by the health crisis, the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille will maintain the €57m of investments planned for 2020 and will even add more than €6.5m of commercial measures to revive port activities.
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