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Mediterraean ports invest in cruises - 03/27/2013

Barcelona, Genoa, Toulon, Marseille…The battle of the cruises is being won on land in the great ports of the Mediterranean that are continuing to develop new platforms and large marine terminals. Today’s investments will make all the difference tomorrow. Panorama of the sites in the Mediterranean.

Genoa is expected to exceed one million cruise passengers in 2013 - 03/27/2013

Homeport of MSC, Genoa takes advantage of the growing number of Mediterranean cruises.

Barcelona makes way for more cruises - 03/27/2013

SPAIN. Barcelona is still the cruise capital of the Mediterranean despite a decline in passenger numbers. New developments carried out this year should allow it to regain lost territory.

"There is no point in playing a game if the result has already been decided" - 03/21/2013

Exclusive interview with Pierre Mattei, CEO of Corsica Ferries.

Corsica – Mainland France – the great upheaval - 03/21/2013

While the summer campaign is being prepared, 2013 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for ferry connections between France and its largest metropolitan island, Corsica. Rules governing routes for the three competitors (SNCM, La Méridionale and Corsica Ferries) will change on 1st January 2014. Uncertainty reigns.

"The offer was disproportionate" - 03/21/2013

Charles Revet, senator for Seine-Maritime, author of a report in 2009 on Corsica's shipping services, referred at the time to an oversized service and made a number of recommendations. He agreed to give his views on new plans undertaken by Corsica's public authorities in an exclusive interview with

"Veolia has exaggerated the risk in its publicity" - 03/21/2013

Maurice Perrin sits on the SNCM's supervisory board representing employee shareholders, who hold 9% of the share capital. The company's CFE-CGC delegate, he is also a member of the works committee.

Public Services Outsourcing in Corsica: a small budget with major obligations - 03/21/2013

Limited to only one basic service between Marseille and Corsican ports, Maritime Public Services Outsourcing, currently under negotiation, regulates transport prices for passengers and freight. It also organises “skeleton services” in the event of a strike. Overview of the main changes announced for the assignees...

Cruise ships at anchor in the Mediterranean - 03/15/2013

Tomorrow, the cruise market in the Mediterranean will overtake the Caribbean, which is currently number one. With increasing capacities and an increasing annual presence in the Mediterranean, ships from the main international companies are delighting in this playground, which offers huge room for growth in terms of cruises.

Fruit and vegetables on track to win over the English Channel - 11/01/2012

1842 km… That’s the distance separating the Spanish city of Valencia and Barking, in the UK. Or, a long, eighteen-hour trip for lorry drivers...

Countdown to the introduction of the French eco-tax - 10/29/2012

After several postponements, the introduction of the tax on heavy goods vehicles is finally planned for 2013. Already in operation in Germany,...

Transportation of fruit and vegetables by rail: from myth to reality - 10/29/2012

Over the past 15 years, Europe has been working on developing alternatives to road freight, both in light of the expected growth in flows and also...

'Green' fruit and veg transportation struggles to take off - 10/29/2012

Attempts to change the way in which fruit and vegetables get from producers to consumers are encountering numerous hurdles, relating mainly to the...

Change of track for fruit and vegetables - 10/29/2012

Environmental objectives, green taxes and the development of alternatives to road transport are obliging fruit and vegetable carriers to think about...

Web caters for Spanish fruit and veg - 10/29/2012

The internet has become a sales channel for fruit and vegetables in Spain, where freight shippers and producers are developing concerted strategies....
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