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CMA CGM to invest €1.5 billion in the energy transition of transport - 09/06/2022

FRANCE. The Marseille-based shipping company CMA CGM is launching a €1.5 billion Special Energy Fund to accelerate the energy transition in transport and logistics with the aim of achieving Net Zero Carbon by 2050.

The Palestinian Authority asks its citizens not to travel from Israeli airports - 08/25/2022

ISRAEL. While the Israeli government agrees to lift restrictions preventing Palestinians from using Israeli airports, the Palestinian Authority is asking Palestinians not to travel from the Ramon hub.

Croatia regains territorial continuity with new bridge - 08/16/2022

CROATIA. Thanks to the inauguration of the Pelješac bridge, tourists and Croats from the North are no longer obliged to use a small strip of Bosnia-Herzegovina territory to reach the South of the country, particularly Dubrovnik.

A difficult summer for air transport - 07/05/2022

EUROPE. Strikes are on the increase in the airline industry, driven by wage demands and requests for improved working conditions.

​Spain delivers gas to Morocco via the Maghreb Europe pipeline - 07/05/2022

MOROCCO/ALGERIA/SPAIN. Eight months after Algeria stopped its gas exports via the GME to deprive Morocco of this source of energy, Spain is reviving the pipeline to deliver gas to the kingdom, this time in the north-south direction.

Egypt launches high-speed rail with Siemens Mobility - 05/31/2022

EGYPT. Thanks to the signing of an €8.1bn contract with Siemens Mobility, Egypt will have a 2,000km high-speed rail system serving sixty cities across the country.

Air France-KLM and CMA CGM to share air cargo capacity - 05/19/2022

FRANCE. The merger between Air France-KLM and CMA CGM will allow the pooling of their cargo networks and the capacities of their respective all-cargo aircraft.

Air Algerie authorized to buy fifteen new aircraft to expand its range - 05/10/2022

ALGERIA. The Algerian government is going to reinforce the international summer programme of Air Algerie and authorises the national company to acquire fifteen new aircraft.

A new external growth for Swvl - 04/26/2022

EGYPT/TURKEY. The Egyptian public transport company is buying Turkish Volt Lines for $40m.

GEFCO to join CMA CGM Group - 04/08/2022

FRANCE. The Marseille-based shipping group CMA CGM has announced the acquisition of "almost 100%" of the capital of the French automotive logistics company GEFCO.

European Commission validates €120m state aid for Spanish carriers - 03/22/2022

SPAIN. The European Commission authorises a Spanish State aid scheme worth €120 million to encourage the transfer of freight transport from road to sustainable rail.

French regional airports more resilient in 2021 than Parisian tarmacs - 03/15/2022

FRANCE. Due to Covid-19, the 2021 traffic of French airports is up 29.5% compared to 2020, but down 57.7% compared to 2019 according to figures published by the Union of French Airports and Associated Francophones (UAF & FA).

Allianz Real Estate adds eight logistics sites to its Italian portfolio - 03/08/2022

ITALY. Allianz Real Estate, on behalf of several of its subsidiaries, signed an agreement on Tuesday 8 March 2022 to purchase eight logistics facilities in Italy for €91m.

Italian passenger rail operators to receive €687m in aid - 03/03/2022

ITALY. The European Commission authorises the Italian aid scheme to compensate commercial rail passenger transport operators for the damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

CMA CGM group takes the helm of the container terminal of the Port of Beirut for ten years - 02/17/2022

LEBANON / FRANCE. CMA Terminals, a wholly owned subsidiary of the CMA CGM group, has won the tender for the concession of the container terminal of the Port of Beirut awarded by the Temporary Management and Operation Committee of the Port of Beirut.
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