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By looking at Africa, we are restoring the Mediterranean's centrality

05/29/2018 - Interviewed by Frédéric Dubessy | African and european view on the Mediterranean

"A fragmentation of the Syrian space is to be feared"

05/10/2017 - Nathalie Bureau du Colombier, MARSEILLE | Socio-economic assessments

Who profits from growth in the Middle East and Maghreb?

03/21/2014 - Nathalie Bureau du Colombier, MARSEILLE | Socio-economic assessments

Efficiency, at the heart of energy saving

12/05/2013 - Caroline Garcia | Environment

All around the Mediterranean, countries are looking at improving their energy efficiency. Efficiency is thought of as key to reducing energy consumption, particularly in homes. This is why all the focus is on the building sector. French version

‘The long road for Syria to self-healing’

06/18/2013 - Alfred Mignot | Socio-economic assessments

Gradual sustainable development

12/11/2012 - Michel Neumuller | Environmental and development issues

MEDITERRANEAN. A Global Environment Facility (GEF) regional project aims to increase sustainable development projects by creating cooperation between them.

French version

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