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"Lebanon has a culture of energy efficiency"

12/06/2013 - Interview by Jenny Saleh in BEIRUT | Environment

LEBANON. The Lebanese energy sector is attempting to make up ground in terms of energy efficiency. Interview with Pierre El Khoury, director of the LCEC, an organisation affiliated to the Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water that is charged with drawing up energy efficiency strategies. French version

"The yearly energy consumption represents 3% of the palestinian GDP"

12/05/2013 - Amal Belkessam | Environment

Fuad Amleh, CEO of the Palestinian electricity company (PETL) evokes the measures taken by his country to develop and try to save energy despite many constraints Palestine faces.French version

Europe's energy future comes from the South

12/21/2012 - Frédéric Dubessy | Euro-Mediterranean projects

MEDITERRANEAN. The Mediterranean Solar Plan should allow the positioning of renewable energy (particularly wind and solar power) at the heart of Mediterranean exchanges.
French version