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EBRD invests €50m in the first green bond issue of the National Bank of Greece - 10/06/2020

GREECE. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will invest €50m in the issuance of senior senior senior green bonds of the National Bank of Greece. version française

EBRD invests $50 million in Egyptian private fund LCP II of Lorax Capital Partners - 10/01/2020

EGYPT / EU. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development announces that it is investing "up to $50 million" in Lorax Capital Partners' LCP II Fund to support Egyptian SMEs.

The difficult recovery of the Mediterranean cruise sector - 09/29/2020

MEDITERRANEAN. Along with the Caribbean, the Mediterranean is one of the two global cruising spots. Stopped for several months due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the sector is timidly trying to restart. version française

Towards a European harmonisation of criteria for combating coronavirus in the tourism sector - 09/24/2020

EU. The European Parliament's Committee on Transport and Tourism is calling for coordination at European level and substantial support for SMEs in the sector at a time when 22 million jobs are at stake. version française

West Bank VSEs to benefit from $3 million in loans - 09/24/2020

PALESTINE. The European Bank for Development and Reconstruction grants a $3 million loan to the Palestinian microfinance institution Faten. version française

iBanFirst is recruiting 80 people as part of its development in Tunisia and Europe - 09/24/2020

FRANCE / TUNISIA. After a few months of delay on its programme because of the coronavirus, the fintech iBanFirst launches a recruitment plan for eighty employees in Tunisia and Europe. version française

Salade2Fruits takes over the Canavese group from Aubagne - 09/23/2020

FRANCE. The Commercial Court of Marseille has ruled in favour of the company Salade2Fruits for the takeover of the Canavese fruit and vegetable sales group from Aubagne.

EBRD finances new largest Turkish hospital in Istanbul - 09/18/2020

TURKEY / EU. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) granted a €40m long-term loan to private promoters of the new hospital in the city of Çam ve Sakura on the outskirts of Istanbul. version française

The employment sector and the amount of salaries remain very attractive in Monaco - 09/17/2020

MONACO. In its latest study on salaries in Monaco, the specialist recruitment firm Hays shows that, despite the health crisis, trends are upward in recruitment and salaries on "Rocher".

Four candidates interested in taking over the Bio c'Bon brand - 09/16/2020

FRANCE / SPAIN / ITALY. Four takeover bids have been submitted to the Paris Commercial Court for the company Bio c'Bon.

UNWTO wants to encourage domestic tourism to boost economies - 09/15/2020

WORLD. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) sees domestic tourism as "an interesting springboard for recovery from the economic and social effects of the Covid-19 pandemic" for both developed and developing countries. version française

Alinea furniture shops taken over by its shareholders - 09/14/2020

FRANCE. As expected, due to the filing of a single offer, the Commercial Court of Marseille validated the takeover of the Alinéa brand by its shareholders the Mulliez Family Association and its CEO Alexis Mulliez. version française

NewOrch raises €19.5m to relaunch Orchestra shops - 09/14/2020

FRANCE. Three months after the takeover of Orchestra by its owner Pierre Mestre, the company NewOrch, created for the occasion, raises €19.5m from Acofi Gestion. Version française

Auchan adapts its organization by cutting 1,475 positions in France - 09/09/2020

FRANCE. Auchan Retail plans to divest 1,475 jobs in France, including 1,088 net job losses. Version française

CEO of Engie raises the bidding for the sale of his Suez shares to Veolia - 09/04/2020

FRANCE. The president of Engie estimates that his shares held in Suez are worth more expensive than the 15,50€ proposed by Veolia to acquire them. Version française
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