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Aroma-Zone sets up in Marseille and prepares its internationalization - 04/21/2022

FRANCE. The concept of Aroma-Zone, the sale of DIY cosmetic and home care products, is being strengthened in the South of France with the opening of a shop in Marseille and then in Montpellier, and will soon be exported to Belgium before going to Spain and Italy.

Afric'Agora, a place to welcome African companies, will be set up in Marseille in the summer of 2022 - 03/31/2022

MEDITERRANEAN / AFRICA. Supported by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Aix-Marseille-Provence and the Africalink network of entrepreneurs, the Afric'Agora project is going to be created in Marseille to welcome African companies and encourage their relations with their French counterparts. Frédéric Ronal, its promoter within the CCIAMP, tells us about it.

The European Commission recommends joint gas purchases at EU level - 03/24/2022

EU. The European Commission has presented a series of ideas for collective action to ensure security of supply and reasonable prices for gas in the European Union in the face of threats from the war in Ukraine.

Lebanese justice freezes the assets of five major banks - 03/15/2022

LEBANON. As part of her investigation into the transactions of five Lebanese banks, a judge orders a freeze on the assets of these institutions and their respective board members.

European Commission suspicious of state support for Greek Post Office - 03/10/2022

GREECE. The European Commission is opening an in-depth investigation into various support measures granted by the Greek State to the postal operator Hellenic Post (ELTA).

Lebanon's central bank tracks down fraudsters - 03/09/2022

LEBANON. The Central Bank of Lebanon is asking the country's commercial banks to provide the names of political figures who have not complied with a circular ordering them to repatriate funds sent abroad to avoid the country's collapse in 2019.

EBRD investments in Turkey hit record high in 2021 - 02/22/2022

TURQUIE. Avec un montant de 2 mrds€ dont 85% vers le secteur privé, la Banque européenne pour la reconstruction et le développement bat son record d'investissement réalisés en Turquie en 2021.

The French specialist of temporary employment Proman offers a new mission in Morocco - 02/22/2022

MOROCCO / FRANCE. Specialized in temporary work and human resources, the group Proman repurchases the Moroccan VHP Assist and opens agencies in Morocco for its first incursion on the African continent.

European companies should pay €410 billion to their shareholders in 2022 - 01/25/2022

EUROPE. According to Allianz Global Investors, the companies in the MSCI Europe index are expected to pay out around €410bn to their shareholders in 2022, an increase of 8.4% compared to 2021.

Perial Asset Management invests in nine B&B hotels in Spain - 01/06/2022

SPAIN / FRANCE. Perial Asset Management acquires a portfolio of nine Spanish hotel assets for a total amount of €58.4m.

Zeineb Messaoud: "Tunisian start-ups need know-how and capital" - 12/17/2021

In an exclusive interview granted to during the Emerging Valley event (Marseille, 14 December 2021), Zeineb Messaoud, executive director of The Dot, a digital innovation hub in Tunis, discusses the recent history of start-up development in Tunisia and highlights the ambition of her newly created structure.

1bn on the table to improve the digital side of European interconnection - 12/16/2021

EU. The European Commission will financially support projects under the digital strand of the European Interconnection Mechanism with the aim of ensuring that all populated areas have 5G coverage by 2030.

Accélérateur M and Connect Innov pool support for start-ups - 12/16/2021

FRANCE / TUNISIA. The Marseilles-based Accélérateur M and the Tunisian Connect Innov unveil their desire to join forces to pool their start-up support services on both sides of the Mediterranean.

"Marseille plays an accelerating role in the co-construction of a shared destiny between Europe and Africa" - 12/16/2021

MEDITERRANEAN / AFRICA. The fifth edition of Emerging Valley brought together, on Tuesday 14 December 2021 in Marseille, the European, Mediterranean and African ecosystem of innovation. The founder of this event, Samir Abdelkrim, talks to about the evolution of start-ups on the African continent over the years.

Banka për Biznes to grant €5 million in loans to Kosovo SMEs - 12/14/2021

KOSOVO. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is granting a €5m credit line to Banka për Biznes to be on-lent to local SMEs.
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