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HOMERe France and IECD join forces to facilitate the employability of young Lebanese - 09/22/2022

LEBANON / FRANCE. The HOMERe France association and the European Institute for Cooperation and Development have signed a cooperation agreement to support the employability of Lebanese youth by offering internships in France to senior technicians who have graduated in Lebanon.

The Crédit Agricole becomes a majority shareholder in its Egyptian subsidiary - 09/13/2022

EGYPT / FRANCE. Crédit Agricole now owns 52% of the capital of Crédit Agricole Egypt, its subsidiary based in Cairo.

Cegid strengthens its position in Spain with the acquisition of Grupo Primavera - 09/06/2022

FRANCE / SPAIN. Specialized in management solutions on the Internet, the group from Lyon becomes leader in Spain with the acquisition of Grupo Primavera.

Carrefour's new Israeli franchisee to call its stores "Super" - 09/06/2022

ISRAEL / FRANCE. The twenty-five Carrefour Israel supermarkets, resulting from the franchise agreement between Electra Consumer Products and the French retail group, will open under the "Super" brand.

Massive increase in gas and electricity prices in Turkey - 09/01/2022

TURKEY. Already confronted with an inflation of at least 80%, the Turks must face an increase of 20% of gas and electricity for households, of 50% for companies.

İşbank to lend $127m to Turkish women-led smes - 08/30/2022

TURKEY. The European Bank for Development and Reconstruction is releasing a $127 million line of credit to Türkiye İş Bankası (İşbank), which will on-lend the money to women-led Smes for green investments.

Turkey revives one of its essential resources: tourism € - 08/22/2022

TURKEY. With the windfall of Russian visitors and the return of Israelis, the Turkish Ministry of Tourism expects to reach 47 million tourists in 2022 for revenues of $37 billion.

Lebanon tries to meet the challenge of a good summer tourist season - 07/28/2022

LEBANON. The Lebanese Minister of Tourism expects tourism revenues of about $3.5 billion during the 2022 summer season. A highly coveted resource in this country in the midst of a socio-politico-economic crisis.

The Israeli Prime Minister plebiscites the arrival of Carrefour in his country - 07/26/2022

ISRAEL / FRANCE. Yair Lapid openly welcomed during the council of ministers the arrival of the French distributor Carrefour in his country whose sign will replace that of Yenot Bilan by the end of the year 2022.

ProCredit Bank obtains €30m to finance Serbian SMEs - 06/14/2022

SERBIA. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is opening a €30m credit line to ProCredit Bank, which will on-lend the funds to local small businesses.

Spain and Portugal allowed to reduce wholesale electricity prices - 06/09/2022

SPAIN / PORTUGAL. The European Commission has authorised €8.4 billion of State aid from Spain and Portugal to reduce wholesale electricity prices on the Iberian Electricity Market.

Société des Bains de mer struggles to recover its pre-Covid-19 jackpot - 06/07/2022

MONACO. With a turnover of €530.5m achieved from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022, Société des Bains de Mer in Monaco posted a 57% increase, but remained 14% down on the pre-Covid-19 2019-2020 financial year.

Spacetech Miratlas raises €2m to globalize its atmospheric data monitoring instruments - 05/12/2022

FRANCE. Miratlas aims to have a global network of atmospheric data measurements and is raising €2m to industrialise its monitoring instruments.

The Villa Méditerranée hands over to Cosquer Méditerranée - 05/03/2022

FRANCE. The reconversion of the Villa Méditerranée in Marseille into a reconstruction of the prehistoric Cosquer cave marks a new ambition for a building destined to become a tourist mecca after having hosted the major Mediterranean economic events.

Partial but important return of tourists to Morocco and Tunisia - 04/28/2022

MOROCCO/TUNISIA. Figures will remain well below 2019, but the summer of 2022 looks much better than 2020 and 2021.
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