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Morocco is to host the first automobile test centre on the African continent - 12/04/2020

MOROCCO. The independent private companies UTAC CERAM and FEV Group, partners of the automobile industry... version française

The European Commission is set to approve the merger between PSA and FCA before the end of 2020. - 10/26/2020

FRANCE / ITALY. The merger between car manufacturers PSA and FCA should be approved by the European Commission, which had opened an in-depth investigation into the project. version française

The French agri-food cooperative group Cooperl threatens to close several factories - 10/21/2020

FRANCE. Sentenced to a €35.5 million fine in the so-called "ham cartel" case, Cooperl claims to be innocent and announces that its payment puts the Breton group virtually in suspension of payments.

European Parliament approves €2 million aid to former shipbuilding employees in Galicia - 10/20/2020

SPAIN. 500 former workers in sectors related to shipbuilding in Galicia will benefit from a reorientation plan 60% financed by the European Union. version française

McPhy raises €180 million to accelerate its development in zero-carbon hydrogen - 10/14/2020

FRANCE. French electrolyser and storage systems manufacturer McPhy successfully raises €180 million from strategic investors, its historical shareholders and institutional investors.

Egypt has its own license plate manufacturing plant - 10/14/2020

EGYPT. A joint venture between AOI (Arab Organisation for Industrialisation) and the German group Tönnjes gives birth to a license plate manufacturing plant in Egypt.

The Airbus redundancy plan will not include any dry layoffs in France - 10/13/2020

FRANCE. Airbus management signs two agreements with the unions as part of its job protection plan, which provides for 4,200 job cuts based on voluntary redundancies. version française

Ferrero to invest €42m in France, notably in a logistics centre in Normandy - 09/29/2020

FRANCE / ITALY. Italian food group Ferrero plans to invest €42m in Normandy, mainly with the construction of a new warehouse at Criquebeuf-sur-Seine, in the Eure department. version française

Airbus promises the first commercial flight of a hydrogen-powered aircraft in 2035 - 09/21/2020

FRANCE. Airbus has revealed its strategy to develop a hydrogen-powered commercial aircraft in 2035. Its teams are working on three version française

European Commission proposes €2 million to 500 shipbuilding workers made redundant in Galicia - 09/11/2020

SPAIN. The European Commission wants to grant 2 M€ to Spain under the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund to help 500 former workers in the shipbuilding and related sectors who have been made redundant in Galicia. version française

PSA and Total start manufacturing batteries for electric vehicles - 09/04/2020

FRANCE. PSA and Total create Automative Cells Company, a joint venture which will manufacture batteries for European electric vehicles. Version française

European Commission sets up an action plan on critical raw materials - 09/03/2020

EU. The European Commission wants to make the supply of critical raw materials in Europe more secure and sustainable for strategic technologies and sectors by 2030 and 2050.

Tunisian processed cheese manufacturer Land'Or finances the strengthening of its production capacity - 09/02/2020

TUNISIA / MOROCCO. the processed cheese manufacturer Land'Or obtains nearly 11 M€ to increase the production capacity of its Tunisian and Moroccan plants.

Heavy sentences for several Algerian officials of the Bouteflika era - 06/26/2020

ALGERIA. The Algerian justice system has handed down sentences of up to twenty years in prison in the Sovac trial, named after the car group that distributes Volkswagen brands in Algeria.

Water in the Mediterranean gas - 12/04/2019

Gas deposits in the eastern Mediterranean are causing increasing friction between Turkey and its neighbours.
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