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France authorised to release €7bn to support sustainable recovery investments - 04/21/2022

FRANCE. The European Commission authorises a €7 billion French scheme to support a sustainable recovery through investment.

Libya's political crisis spills over into oil production - 04/21/2022

LIBYA. The political dispute between Libya's two rival prime ministers is now impinging on the country's economy itself because of the blockage of the oil infrastructure, which accounts for 97% of state revenue.

Turkey strengthens its investments in Algeria - 04/21/2022

ALGERIA / TURKEY. Turkish direct investments are accelerating in Algeria. According to Mahinur Ozdemir Goktas, they have reached $5 billion (compared...

Algeria to supply more gas to Italy - 04/12/2022

ALGERIA / ITALY. The Italian group ENI and the Algerian state company Sonatrach sign a new gas agreement to strengthen energy cooperation between Algeria and Italy.

The French specialist in technical textiles buys its Italian counterpart NT Majocchi - 04/07/2022

ITALY / FRANCE. Based in Saint-Chamond in the Loire, the French specialist in technical textiles for the personal protection markets acquires the Italian NT Majocchi and doubles in size.

Larache natural gas field in Morocco shows great promise - 04/05/2022

MOROCCO. The latest analyses of the Chariot Oil & Gas field, located off the town of Larache, reveal a natural gas of excellent quality with methane gas present at more than 96% in the seven reservoirs inventoried.

The end of Russian gas in Europe reshuffles the cards in the Mediterranean - 04/05/2022

MEDITERRANEAN. In addition to the general price increase that will impact everyone, the halt in Russian gas exports to Europe will penalise Italy, Greece, Serbia and Slovenia. It could also be a great opportunity for Algeria and Egypt.

Covid and Ukraine war boost Moroccan phosphate revenues - 03/31/2022

MOROCCO: The economic recovery of 2021 and now the Russian-Ukrainian conflict are pushing up phosphate prices and increasing volume demand.

Cepasco launches an olfactory rehabilitation kit using spices - 03/28/2022

FRANCE. A company created half a century ago in Algeria, the Provençal Cepasco has kept its Mediterranean DNA right up to its supplies and its market share in ethnic grocery shops.

Stellantis transforms its Italian factory into a battery production site - 03/24/2022

ITALY / FRANCE / GERMANY. Stellantis reaffirms its commitment to transform its Termoli plant in southern Italy into a production site for batteries for electric vehicles for Automative Cells Company and is joined in this project by Mercedes.

Algeria invests $7 billion to produce fertilizer from phosphate - 03/23/2022

ALGERIA / CHINA. Four Algerian and Chinese partners are joining forces to launch a $7 billion phosphate processing industry project for the production of fertilisers in four wilayas in eastern Algeria.

Intel to invest €80bn in six EU countries including three in the Mediterranean - 03/17/2022

EU. In order to put a "made in Europe" label on its chips, the American semiconductor giant Intel has unveiled an initial investment plan of €30 billion in six European Union countries, including France, Italy and Spain.

Norway's Scatec to build green ammonia plant in Egypt - 03/10/2022

EGYPT. Together with four Egyptian state partners, Scatec will build a green ammonia plant in the Ain Soukhna industrial zone in the Gulf of Suez.

The EIB grants a loan of 600 M€ to STMicroelectronics - 03/03/2022

FRANCE / ITALY. One of the world's leading semiconductor companies, STMicroelectronics, has announced €600 million in financial support from the European Investment Bank for its R&D and new pilot production lines.

Algeria ready to increase its gas deliveries to Europe - 03/01/2022

ALGERIA / EU. Sonatrach's CEO has pledged to deliver more gas to the European Union to replace, in part, Russian gas exports threatened by the conflict in Ukraine.
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