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Morocco hopes to reduce energy use by 12% by 2020 - 12/05/2013 - Julie Chaudier, CASABLANCA


MOROCCO. With its trade balance hampered by oil product imports, Morocco has launched the Energy Efficiency Convention, which aims to reduce energy consumption by 12%. French version

"The yearly energy consumption represents 3% of the palestinian GDP" - 12/05/2013 - Amal Belkessam


Fuad Amleh, CEO of the Palestinian electricity company (PETL) evokes the measures taken by his country to develop and try to save energy despite many constraints Palestine faces.French version

The shipping industry explores new ways of preserving the environment - 09/29/2012 - Nathalie Bureau du Colombier

Under the auspices of the International Maritime Organization in the 2000s, the shipping community set about trying to reduce greenhouse gases and protect the marine environment - an unenviable task. In March 2012, the IMO's Marine Environment Protection Committee adopted a series of guidelines on topics such as...

Regulations on the environmental impact of ships set new course - 09/29/2012 - Mathieu Bouchard

Environmental regulations on passenger shipping are complex and undergo regular changes. They are now aiming to reduce the sea and air pollution caused by ships.
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