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Brussels allows Spain and Portugal to cap fuel prices for power plants - 04/28/2022

SPAIN/PORTUGAL. The European Commission authorises both countries to limit the price of gas used to produce electricity.

Voltalia continues its growth in Morocco, Greece and Portugal - 04/26/2022

MOROCCO/GREECE/PORTUGAL. Specialising in wind, solar, hydraulic, biomass and electricity storage, the group has just won a call for tenders in Morocco.

UAE's Masdar to produce green hydrogen in Egypt - 04/26/2022

EGYPT. The Suez Canal Economic Zone has once again demonstrated its commitment to becoming a showcase for green energy with the signing of a new memorandum of understanding for a hydrogen production plant by UAE's Masdar and Hassan Allam Utilities.

Suez Canal accelerates greening of its economic zone - 04/21/2022

EGYPT. The General Authority of the Suez Canal Economic Zone continues its commitment to the transition to a green economy with the signing of two memoranda of understanding for the installation of ammonia, hydrogen and green fuel plants.

Voltalia to build its first floating solar power plant project in Portugal - 04/07/2022

PORTUGAL / FRANCE. The French renewable energy company Voltalia has won a tender in Portugal to build a floating solar power plant near the Cabril dam.

Morocco lacks water - 04/05/2022

MOROCCO. Exceptional drought, strong demographic growth, rapid urbanisation, overexploitation of water tables, choice of an agriculture that consumes a lot of water... Morocco has reached a dead end.

Eiffel Essentiel invests €7m in Italian renewable energy developer GreenGo - 03/22/2022

FRANCE / ITALY. The French fund Eiffel Essentiel is making its first foreign investment with a €7m investment in the Italian renewable energy developer GreenGo.

Two calls for tenders for floating wind turbines in France - 03/15/2022

FRANCE. French Prime Minister Jean Castex has launched two calls for tender for the construction of two floating wind farms in the Mediterranean Sea off Port-la-Nouvelle and Fos-sur-Mer.

Western Balkans receive €3.2bn in aid from the European Commission - 03/01/2022

WESTERN BALKANS. European Commission announces €3.2bn investment in twenty-one sustainable connectivity projects in the Western Balkans.

Eiffel Investment finances the wind and solar development of Capital Energy in Spain - 02/24/2022

SPAIN / FRANCE. French Eiffel Investment Group announces a new €50m financial support to Spanish Capital Energy for the construction of four wind farms and a solar power plant.

Cyprus, France and Slovenia to benefit from EU funds to protect the environment - 02/22/2022

EU. The European Commission will invest €110 million in integrated environmental and climate protection projects under the Life programme in eleven countries, including three Mediterranean countries.

UN subsidises North Macedonia's SDG investments - 02/15/2022

NORTHERN MACEDONIA. The Green Finance Facility promoted by the Government of North Macedonia will be funded with $7.9 million from the UN Joint Fund for Sustainable Development.

Green City Organisation wants to free the Mediterranean of its waste - 02/15/2022

FRANCE. Green City Organisation wants to deploy throughout the Mediterranean basin its D-Rain system for capturing waste from rainwater networks to retain it before it pollutes the sea.

The EU releases €1.6 billion to support the green and digital transition in Morocco - 02/10/2022

MOROCCO / EU. As part of its new Global Gateway strategy launched in December 2021, the European Union will invest €1.6 billion in the green and digital transition in Morocco.

The Mediterranean particularly sensitive to climate risks - 02/08/2022

MEDITERRANEAN. Mediterranean local authorities are preparing to face up to disasters linked to global warming.
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