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Voltalia invests in five new solar power plants in Portugal - 09/22/2022

PORTUGAL / FRANCE. The French Voltalia will build a new complex of small solar power plants in Portugal on five sites.

Slovenia gets €3.26 billion from the EU to support the sustainable development of its economy - 09/13/2022

SLOVENIA. As part of the cohesion policy, Slovenia will receive €3.26 billion in European funds to improve its economic competitiveness, digital transition and support it in its climate objectives.

European solar electricity production reached a record high during the summer of 2022 - 09/13/2022

EU. Photovoltaic panels installed in the European Union broke their record in the summer of 2022 by producing 12.2% of the EU's electricity.

The Egyptian Abou Ghaly Motors will have 250 electric cabs - 09/08/2022

EGYPT. Egypt's Abou Ghaly Motors, a provider of integrated mobility solutions, will purchase 250 range-extended electric vehicles (REEVs) for its cab services.

Aquila Clean Energy to invest €2 billion in renewable energy in Spain and Portugal - 09/08/2022

SPAIN / PORTUGAL. Aquila Clean Energy EMEA will invest €2 billion over three years in the renewable energy sector in Spain and Portugal through the InvestEU program.

EBRD invests €43m in two wind farms in Croatia - 08/23/2022

CROATIA. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is participating, through a €43m loan to Kunovac, in financing the construction and operation of two wind farms in Croatia.

Moroccan wind farm Nassim Koudia Al Baida to increase its capacity to 100 MW - 07/19/2022

MOROCCO. Masen and EDF Renewables have announced the financial closing and the start of work on the modernisation of the Nassim Koudia Al Baida wind farm, located in northern Morocco.

The Mediterranean in drought - 07/05/2022

MEDITERRANEAN. Drought is hitting the western Mediterranean this year, with greatly increased fire risks everywhere, and in the worst affected countries a drop in harvests and a threat to drinking water supplies.

​Voltalia strengthens its presence in Albania - 07/05/2022

ALBANIA/FRANCE. The French company is building its fourth solar power plant in Albania.

EIB finances first three French offshore wind turbines - 06/28/2022

FRANCE. The European Investment Bank announces the conclusion of three financing agreements for the installation and commissioning of the first floating offshore wind turbines deployed in France, all located in the Mediterranean.

Greece gets €1.63bn from Europe to help with energy and climate transition - 06/17/2022

GREECE. Greece will benefit from €1.63bn from the European Commission's first Just Transition Fund (FTJ) programme to "mitigate the effects of the energy and climate transition on the local economy and society".

EU launches observatory for sustainable ocean projects - 05/25/2022

To address the current lack of sufficient available data on industries and sectors related to our oceans, seas and coasts, the European Commission is creating a Blue Economy Observatory.

Suez places €2.6bn in green bonds - 05/17/2022

FRANCE. The water and waste specialist Suez has successfully placed its first green bonds for an amount of €2.6 billion.

European Commission and industry join forces to produce more clean hydrogen - 05/10/2022

EU. The European Commission and twenty CEOs of electrolyser companies sign an agreement to increase electrolyser production capacity in the European Union by a factor of ten.

EBRD to assist Turkey in corporate and bank climate governance - 04/28/2022

TURKEY / EU. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is participating in a loan to Turkey under its new Green Economy Facility for €21.5m plus €7m in grants for technical assistance.
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