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114 million to support small farms - 11/24/2021 - Gérard Tur

The African Development Bank signed on Tuesday 23 November with the Kingdom of Morocco a loan of 114,03 M€ intended to finance a part of the Programme of Support for the Inclusive and Sustainable Development of Agricultural and Rural Areas (PADIDZAR).

Garanti BBVA Leasing to on-lend $25m of climate finance - 11/23/2021 - Eric Apim

TURKEY. The Turkish company Garanti BBVA Leasing is to benefit from a $25 million line of credit from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to help companies with their climate investments.

754 French farmers to receive €40.2m for environmental services - 11/16/2021 - Eric Apim

FRANCE. The Rhône Méditerranée Corse Water Agency is going to finance, for five years and to the tune of 40.2 M€, twenty-one territorial projects covering nearly 68,000 hectares of useful agricultural surface.

Airbus Helicopters completes world's first 100% biofuel helicopter flight - 11/10/2021 - Eric Apim

FRANCE. A partnership between Airbus Helicopters, Safran Helicopters Engines and TotalEnergies has resulted in the world's first flight of a helicopter powered solely by sustainable aviation fuel, near Marseille.

Italy and Spain overtake France on the world wine podium - 11/09/2021 - Eric Apim

WORLD. World wine production in 2021 is expected to be 4% lower than in 2020 with 250 million hectolitres. The top three producers, Italy, Spain and France, are particularly affected.

EU pledges €1bn to protect the world's forests - 11/03/2021 - Eric Apim

EUROPEAN UNION. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announces that the European Union will spend €1 billion over five years "to protect the world's forests.

41% of plastic packaging is recycled in the EU - 10/27/2021 - Eric Apim

EU. According to a Eurostat study, each inhabitant of the European Union generated 34.4 kg of plastic packaging waste in 2019, but recycled only 14.1 kg.

The Rhône Méditerranée Corse Water Agency releases 10 M€ for biodiversity projects - 10/26/2021 - Eric Apim

FRANCE. The Rhône Méditerranée Corse Water Agency is launching a new call for projects, with a budget of €10 million, to set up ecological corridors to promote the movement of species dependent on the quality of aquatic environments.

European Commission takes France and Italy to court over poor water quality - 06/10/2021 - Eric Apim

EU. France for its untreated wastewater in a hundred agglomerations and Italy for its unsafe drinking water in six areas of the country will have to explain themselves to the European Court of Justice.

Spain invests €1.55bn to convert to green hydrogen - 05/25/2021 - Eric Apim

SPAIN. Spain is to invest €1.55 billion to support the production of green hydrogen and make the country the main European industrial hub for the sector thanks to public-private partnerships.

Two floating wind projects to emerge in the Mediterranean - 05/20/2021 - Frédéric Dubessy

FRANCE. The Occitanie and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur regions will host two floating wind farm projects of 250 MW each. A public debate will start in July 2021 to validate their opportunity, impacts, characteristics and define their locations.

French agrotech Jungle raises €42 million to expand its roots in Europe - 03/23/2021 - Frédéric Dubessy

FRANCE. Specialized in vertical farming, Jungle raises 42 M€ to support its commercial and industrial development in Europe and create the largest vertical farm in Europe.

Six international organizations launch a Mediterranean Consortium for the protection of biodiversity - 03/12/2021 - Eric Apim

MEDITERRANEAN. A memorandum of understanding was signed in Marseille by six international organizations for the creation of a Mediterranean Consortium for the protection of biodiversity.
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