Econostrum | Economic News in the Mediterranean wishes all its readers a happy holiday season

Written by The econostrum Team on Thursday, December 23rd 2021 à 17:14 | Read 216 times

(photo: F.Dubessy)
(photo: F.Dubessy)
Dear readers, the entire team wishes you a happy holiday season. We thank you for your support throughout 2021 and hope to see even more of you in 2022 to continue to build together the future of the Mediterranean and its peoples who deserve it.

Voltaire's phrase, "a good year repairs the damage of two bad ones" could not be more timely as a premonition in these difficult times, and not only because of the pandemic. So we hope that this quote from the philosopher of the Enlightenment will enlighten Mediterranean minds to chart the course towards a better future for our region with the Mediterranean becoming a bridge rather than an obstacle.

And remember, as the American journalist and writer Bill Vaughan said, "An optimist stays until midnight to see in the New Year. A pessimist stays to make sure the old year goes away."

We look forward to seeing you on Monday 3 January 2022 for new daily instalments of economic and social news from the countries of the Mediterranean Basin. wishes all its readers a happy holiday season

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