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Israelis to go to the polls in autumn 2022 - 06/29/2022

ISRAEL. After the adoption the day before in first reading of a law allowing the dissolution of the Knesset, the day of Wednesday, June 29, 2022 will definitively seal the fate of the Israeli Parliament by provoking a new legislative and the arrival of a new Prime Minister.

EU legislates to ensure no gas shortages this winter - 06/28/2022

EU. The European Council definitively adopts a regulation on gas storage aimed at securing the energy supply of Member States in the face of the threat of shortages caused by the war in Ukraine.

Israeli authorities grant 3,500 entry permits to Palestinians - 06/28/2022

ISRAEL / PALESTINE. Faced with a shortage of Israeli candidates to work in the industrial and service sectors, the Israeli state is increasing the number of entry permits granted to Palestinians.

NATO orders 20 Eurofighters for the Spanish Air Force - 06/28/2022

SPAIN. The NETMA Agency has announced the final signature of a record €2.04bn contract for an additional 20 Eurofighter Typhoon fighters for the Spanish Air Force.

Responsibilities in question after the attempted mass entry of migrants in Melilla - 06/27/2022

MOROCCO / SPAIN. Three days after the tragedy of Melilla, in the North of Morocco, which cost the life of thirty-seven migrants, everyone seems to pass the quid.

Libyan Parliament and High State Council Speakers to meet in Geneva - 06/24/2022

LIBYA. After the failure of the round of negotiations in Cairo, the UN organises a meeting in Geneva between Aguila Saleh, President of the House of Representatives, and Khaled el-Mechri, his counterpart in the High State Council.

New boost to VAT in Spain - 06/23/2022

SPAIN. To fight against the soaring price of energy, the Spanish government will reduce for the second time the VAT on electricity. It will be reduced to 5%. It was 21% last year.

The Balkans are knocking on the EU's door - 06/23/2022

EUROPE. Europe is preparing to grant Ukraine what it has refused for years to several Balkan countries.

The dissolution of the Knesset and the return of Benyamin Netanyahu loom in Israel - 06/23/2022

ISRAEL. The deputies voted unanimously in a preliminary reading of a bill providing for the dissolution of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament.

Lebanese Bankers' Association says country's draft agreement with IMF illegal - 06/23/2022

LEBANON. The Lebanese Banks Association rejects the Lebanese government's draft agreement with the International Monetary Fund

Nine funds create the continent's first network of sovereign investors - 06/21/2022

AFRICA. Gathered in Rabat, nine sovereign funds, including two Mediterranean ones with Morocco and Egypt, are launching the Africa Sovereign Investors Forum, a platform dedicated to project development and investment promotion.

Lebanon threatens to expel Syrian refugees if it does not get $3.2bn in international aid - 06/21/2022

LEBANON. The Lebanon Crisis Response Plan 2022-2023 is to raise $3.2 billion in aid from its participants to support Syrian and Palestinian host families and refugees.

The text of the new Tunisian constitution is in the hands of the President of the Republic - 06/21/2022

TUNISIA. The President of the Tunisian Republic Kaïs Saïed received the text of the new constitution that he is preparing to have voted by referendum on July 25, 2022.

Lebanon to import gas from Egypt to fuel its power plants - 06/20/2022

LEBANON / EGYPT. Lebanon is to sign an agreement described as "definitive" to import gas from Egypt and solve electricity shortages that have plagued the country for years.

Slovenia decides to dismantle the anti-migration barbed wire fence separating it from Croatia - 06/16/2022

SLOVENIA / CROATIA. The new president of the Slovenian government will dismantle the barbed wire fence on its border with Croatia to prevent migrants from crossing into Slovenia.
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