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Egypt's central bank governor throws in the towel amid economic meltdown - 08/18/2022

EGYPT. Tareq Amer, Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt, has decided to resign one year before the end of his mandate. His country is experiencing a serious economic crisis.

Turkey and Israel resume "full and complete" diplomatic relations - 08/18/2022

TURKEY / ISRAEL. After twelve years of quarrel, the Turkish and Israeli authorities decided the complete restoration of their diplomatic relations. Good news for regional stability.

Spain and Portugal support a gas pipeline project between the Iberian Peninsula and Central Europe - 08/18/2022

SPAIN / PORTUGAL. Berlin's idea of building a gas pipeline linking Spain to Central Europe is appealing to the leaders of the Iberian Peninsula. The MidCat project for a gas pipeline across the Pyrenees is revived.

Tunisia's new constitution comes into force - 08/18/2022

TUNISIA. The Independent High Authority for Elections announces the final results of the July 25, 2022 referendum approving, by a large majority of 94.6%, the text of the new Tunisian constitution.

UGTT and UTICA sign a "social contract" with the Tunisian government € - 08/16/2022

TUNISIA. The Tunisian government and the main trade unions of employees and traders sign an agreement to start negotiations on the economic reforms requested by the IMF in exchange for its support.

The women's ready-to-wear brand Camaïeu asks to be placed in receivership - 07/28/2022

FRANCE. Still in difficulty two years after its takeover, Camaïeu has declared itself in suspension of payments and has requested that it be placed under court supervision by the Lille Commercial Court.

IMF urges Egypt to speed up fiscal and structural reforms - 07/28/2022

EGYPT. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said that Egypt, which is seeking a loan extension, must make "decisive progress" in fiscal and structural reforms.

EU member states agree on plan to reduce gas consumption - 07/28/2022

EU. In order to respond to the decline in Russian gas supplies, the Council of the European Union adopts a European Commission proposal to organise a coordinated reduction in gas consumption in the 27 Member States.

Tunisians approve new constitution in referendum - 07/26/2022

TUNISIA. The "yes" finally came out victorious of the polls, but, in spite of the stake, the Tunisian referendum on the new constitution recorded a participation rate of only 27,54%.

UN alarms over volatile security situation in Libya - 07/26/2022

LIBYA. Increased demonstrations, armed skirmishes between supporters of the two prime ministers, dismissal of the president of the oil company, multiple governments, Libya is sinking into chaos because of the failure to organise elections. The UN is concerned... once again.

European Commission releases €33.43m to bring the two Cypriot communities closer together - 07/25/2022

CYPRUS. The European Commission adopts an annual action programme for the Turkish Cypriot community with an annual amount of €33.43m.

Kaïs Saïed plays double or nothing with his referendum on the new Tunisian constitution € - 07/22/2022

TUNISIA. After one year of total control of the country by Kaïs Saïed, Tunisians will be able to express themselves in the ballot box by pronouncing themselves for or against the project of a new constitution.

A €7 toll to enter the Schengen area - 07/21/2022

EU. Based on the principle of the American ESTA, the European Union is going to set up an Electronic System for Travel Authorization for visitors from countries that do not require a visa to travel to a Member State and wish to enter the Schengen area.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi pushed out by his main allies - 07/21/2022

ITALY. By refusing to give their confidence to the Italian president of the council Mario Draghi, the three main parties of the government coalition provoke a new political crisis in Italy.

EU gives green light to start accession talks with North Macedonia and Albania € - 07/19/2022

NORTHERN MACEDONIA / ALBANIA. The Council of the European Union accepts the opening of accession negotiations with Northern Macedonia and Albania after the signature of an agreement with Bulgaria which lifts its veto.
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