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S&P retains Morocco's rating, but revises its outlook downwards - 10/05/2020

MOROCCO. Pointing to the serious repercussions of Covid-19 on external and domestic demand, the rating agency Standard and Poor's does not make any comment. version française

Lebanon and Israel to discuss the delineation of their common borders - 10/02/2020

LEBANON / ISRAEL. While the two countries are still theoretically at war, Lebanon and Israel have signed a framework agreement to define their maritime and land borders. version française

The European Council extends a hand to Ankara, while remaining firm in case of refusal - 10/02/2020

EU / TURKEY. Charles Michel, President of the European Council, wants to "give political dialogue a chance" in the context of the disputes between the EU and Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean. version française

The Spanish government imposes a general confinement on the whole city of Madrid - 10/01/2020

SPAIN. The confinement will now affect three million Madrilenians and nine municipalities on its periphery against the advice of the regional government.

Verbal joust between the French President and the head of Hezbollah while Lebanon remains at an impasse - 09/30/2020

LEBANON / FRANCE. After Mustapha Adib's decision to renounce forming a government of technocrats in Lebanon, Emmanuel Macron violently attacked Hezbollah, which responded just as firmly.

The UN is alarmed by the remoteness of a two-state solution between Palestinians and Israelis - 09/30/2020

ISRAEL / PALESTINE. The United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process points to a convergence of destabilising factors that give rise to fears of remoteness between Palestinians and Israelis.

According to UNCTAD, the fight against financial flows in Africa could save $89 billion a year - 09/29/2020

AFRICA. According to the latest UNCTAD report on development in Africa, the fight against illicit financial flows in the continent could generate new funds to respond to the Covid-19 crisis and foster its economic resilience. version française

The Supreme Court confirms the ineligibility of the Regional President of Catalonia - 09/28/2020

SPAIN. The Spanish Supreme Court has confirmed the sentence of one and a half years of ineligibility for disobedience of Quim Torra, President of the Region of Catalonia. version française

European Commission prepares for end of 1 and 2 cent coins - 09/28/2020

EU. The European Commission is launching an evaluation and impact assessment on the use of the 1 and 2 cent coins with regard to cost and public acceptability. version française

Hamas and Fatah agree to hold elections in Palestine within six months - 09/28/2020

PALESTINE. Faced with the growing normalisation of relations between Israel and several Arab countries and the Israeli-American peace plan, the enemy Palestinian movements Hamas and Fatah reach an agreement to hold elections within six months. version française

The Madrid region increases the number of confined persons to 1 million against 3 claimed by the Spanish Government - 09/25/2020

SPAIN. The region of Madrid is extending the scope of its measures against the coronavirus, bringing the number of people confined to more than a million, compared with the state's recommendation of 3 million.

European Commission approves reallocation of programmes for Spain to combat Covid-19 - 09/23/2020

SPAIN. The European Commission has approved the modification of nine Operational Programmes under Cohesion Policy in Spain for a total amount of €1.2 billion.

The european SURE instrument for €100bn of guaranteed loans to Member States becomes operational - 09/22/2020

EU. The SURE instrument will enable the European Commission to provide financial support of up to €100 billion to Member States to help protect jobs.

European Council imposes sanctions on three companies for violation of Libya's arms embargo - 09/22/2020

LIBYA / EU. The European Council imposes sanctions on three companies, including one Turkish and one Jordanian, involved in violations of the UN arms embargo on Libya.

Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur craftsmen invest 300 K€ to strengthen the craftsman-customer link - 09/21/2020

FRANCE. The Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Chamber of Trades and Crafts (CMAR) is launching a communication campaign with five visuals recalling the texts of five great classics of French song. version française
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