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Nicosia accuses Ankara of "undermining regional security" - 10/22/2020

EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN. Meeting in Nicosia, the three Greek, Cypriot and Egyptian presidents denounced Turkey's "provocations" in several theaters of conflict in the Mediterranean.

European Commission launches infringement proceedings against "Golden Passports" granted by Malta and Cyprus - 10/21/2020

MALTA / CYPRUS. The European Commission is sending letters of formal notice to the States of Malta and Cyprus concerning their decried citizenship by investment programmes.

Issuance of the first European social bonds for €17bn - 10/21/2020

EU. Within the framework of the SURE instrument, created by the European Union to protect jobs and employees from the consequences of Covid-19, the European Commission has issued its first social bonds for an amount of €17 billion.

Businessmed brings Italian Barbara Beltrame Giacomello to its presidency - 10/20/2020

MEDITERRANEAN. The Extraordinary General Assembly of the Mediterranean Union of Business Confederations, Businessmed, confirms the appointment of Barbara Beltrame Giacomello as its President. version française

Alba Leasing offers €980m of financing to Italian SMEs with the help of the EIB - 10/19/2020

ITALY. 8,000 Italian companies will be able to benefit from €980m in additional financial resources thanks to an agreement between the European Investment Bank and Italian leasing specialist Alba Leasing. version française

World Bank calls for coordinated integration in the Mena region - 10/19/2020

MENA. The World Bank is alarmed about the economies of the Middle East and North Africa region being doubly hit by the coronavirus and falling oil prices. A report calls for a new framework for global trade integration in the region. version française

Ankara-backed candidate wins the presidency of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus - 10/19/2020

CYPRUS. Against all odds, Ersin Tatar was elected President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) with 51.74% of the vote. version française

Italy strengthens anti-Covid 19 measures - 10/19/2020

ITALY. Giuseppe Conte announces new restrictions in the fight against the spread of coronavirus. version française

The European Commission considers the funding obtained for Syria insufficient - 10/16/2020

SYRIA / EU. In its latest report on the financial monitoring of grant and loan pledges to Syria, the European Commission indicates that as of 31 August 2020, international donors had disbursed $5 billion in grants to Syria and its region in 2020. version française

Almost all of Southern Europe sees red on the Covid-19 map - 10/16/2020

EU. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control publishes, for the first time, a map on the state of the pandemic in European regions. In southern Europe, only Greece, Cyprus and Italy have been spared the red light, symbolising the worst-affected areas. version française

The leader of the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn is sentenced to 13 years in prison - 10/15/2020

GREECE. After recognising the Golden Dawn as a criminal organisation, the Athens Criminal Court specified the sentences handed down to around fifty members of the Greek neo-Nazi party.

The UN and the United States describe the talks between Israel and Lebanon on their borders as "fruitful" - 10/15/2020

ISRAEL / LEBANON. Negotiations to define the maritime border between Israel and Lebanon, which began on 14th October 2020, seem to have gone well according to the UN.

World Bank injects $12bn to help developing countries protect themselves against Covid-19 - 10/14/2020

WORLD. The World Bank's Board of Executive Directors has approved a $12 billion package to finance the purchase and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines, tests and treatments for one billion people in developing countries.

Start of negotiations between Israel and Lebanon to define their common borders - 10/14/2020

LEBANON / ISRAEL. The first talks in thirty years between Lebanon and Israel begin in the city of Naqoura, the headquarters of UNIFIL. They will focus on the maritime borders between the two states still officially at war.

European Commission prolongs temporary framework for State aid until June 2021 - 10/13/2020

EU. European Commission prolongs the exception from the temporary state aid framework to allow governments to support the economy in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. version française

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