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The new Libyan governance: An equation with several unknowns - 04/07/2021

LIBYA. Libya has entered a new era since Fayez Al-Sarraj and Khalifa Haftar finally decided to throw in the towel. Their withdrawals have allowed for the emergence of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum and a new interim governance. Part 1/5

Benyamin Netanyahu appointed to form a new government in Israel - 04/07/2021

ISRAEL. Despite his previous failures, a corruption trial that has just begun, Benyamin Netanyahu has been appointed by Israeli President Reuven Rivlin to form the next government.

AFD to support the development of the SSE in Morocco - 04/06/2021

MOROCCO / FRANCE. The French Development Agency (AFD) and the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts, Air Transport and Social Economy sign a €1.5M grant agreement.

EU wields carrot and stick in its relations with Turkey - 03/26/2021

EU / TURKEY. The members of the European Council are blowing hot and cold on the troubled issue of their relations with Recep Tayyip Erdogan and are putting Turkey under observation for two months.

Act 4 of the Israeli legislative elections ends up with the same scenario as the first three - 03/24/2021

ISRAEL. The ballot boxes of the legislative elections of Tuesday, March 23, 2021 in Israel have still not managed to deliver a clear winner. Pro and anti Benyamin Netanyahu remain neck and neck.

Central Bank governor's sacking creates turmoil in Turkish financial markets - 03/22/2021

TURKEY. The Turkish lira has suffered a sharp depreciation in the foreign exchange market after the sacking of Naci Agbal, governor of the Central Bank, who was replaced by a former ruling party deputy Sahap Kavcioglu.

Turkish justice wants to ban the pro-Kurdish HDP party in the name of Turkey's integrity - 03/18/2021

TURKEY. The Turkish Public Prosecutor's Office launches a procedure to ban the Peoples' Democratic Party, a pro-Kurdish left-wing movement, at the Court of Cassation. The authorities consider it to be very close to the PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party), considered a terrorist party.

President Michel Aoun gives his Prime Minister-designate an ultimatum - 03/18/2021

LEBANON. After five months of political stalemate in Lebanon, President Michel Aoun asked Saad Hariri to form a government immediately or step down as Prime Minister-designate.

European Investment Bank puts €3.7bn on the table to help businesses - 03/12/2021

EU. The European Investment Bank approves €3.7 billion in new financing to support the private sector in the face of the pandemic, improve the energy transition and transport.

The European Commission proposes 530 M€ for emergency measures against Covid-19 - 03/11/2021

EU. EU. The European Commission is proposing to release an envelope of nearly 530 M€ to support emergency measures against the coronavirus. Three Mediterranean countries in the process of accession will be able to benefit from it.
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"DarESS will spearhead the SSE in Tunisia" - 03/11/2021

Sonia Benyahia, director of ProgRESS Tunisia, matrix of a future national center of resources of the social and solidarity economy, and Rodérick Égal, president of iesMed, Mediterranean platform of accompaniment to the SSE, draw up, exclusively for, the panorama of the SSE in Tunisia. They reveal their projects in this country, while they are preparing to inaugurate in Tunis, DarESS, the house of the SSE.

The European Parliament lifts the immunity of the former President of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont - 03/09/2021

SPAIN. Carles Puigdemont is no longer protected by his European parliamentary immunity. It has just been lifted by the European Parliament.

"The Mediterranean is a small region on the world map where the heaviest challenges are piled up" - 03/04/2021

MEDITERRANEAN. Bernard Valéro is retiring after a rich career at the Quai d'Orsay, consul, ambassador and director general of Avitem (Agency for Sustainable Mediterranean Cities and Territories) in Marseille for his last position. The sixty-six-year-old diplomat comments, unvarnished and exclusively on, on the highlights of his professional life confronted with the ups and downs of the Mediterranean region.

The fall of the Lebanese Pound, mirror of an exsanguinated economy - 03/03/2021

LEBANON. While their country has been without a government for the past six months, the Lebanese are seeing their economy sink further and further, as is their currency, which now trades on the parallel market at £10,000 to $1.
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Turkey will be the largest sovereign issuer of commercial debt in 2021 in the EMEA region - 03/02/2021

EMEA. S&P Global Ratings estimates that global government borrowing is expected to be $12.6 trillion in 2021. version française
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