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The European Union is brought under the Slovenian flag - 07/02/2021

EU / SLOVENIA. The Slovenian government of Janez Janša takes over the rotating presidency of the Council of Ministers of the European Union. This ultraconservative personality fails to win unanimous support as the EU is in the midst of a debate regarding its future.

EBRD predicts 3.5% growth in 2021 for Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries - 06/29/2021

MEDITERRANEAN. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is revising upwards its regional economic outlook for the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries, which should see growth of 3.5% in 2021.

The European Commission endorses French recovery and resilience plan - 06/24/2021

FRANCE. The European Commission has adopted France's National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) which will receive €39.4bn in loans and grants.

European Commission approves Italy's recovery plan - 06/23/2021

ITALY. After Portugal, Spain and Greece, the European Commission approves Italy's recovery and resilience plan and will finance €191.5bn of a total €222.1bn investment package.

Catalan pro-independence activists pardoned by the central government, but not amnestied - 06/22/2021

SPAIN. The President of the Spanish government has decided to pardon the nine Catalan pro-independence activists in prison since October 2019 for attempted sedition. A first step towards reconciliation.

European Commission approves recovery plans for Portugal, Spain and Greece - 06/17/2021

EU. Measures against climate change are at the heart of the three recovery and resilience plans for Portugal, Spain and Greece, validated by the European Commission.

The National Liberal Front (FLN) wins heavily boycotted early legislative elections in Algeria - 06/16/2021

ALGERIA. The Independent National Election Authority announced the victory of the ruling FLN party in the Algerian legislative elections. Less than a third of registered voters turned out.

"Morocco no longer accepts the Spanish position on Western Sahara” - 06/15/2021

SPAIN/MOROCCO. Head of the Geopolitics and Global Security Department at CIDOB, Spain's oldest international relations centre, Eduard Soler is its Mena referent. In an exclusive interview granted to on the occasion of his speech to the members of the Euromed-IHEDN association, he examines the love/hate relationship between Spain and Morocco.

Naftali Bennett dethrones Benjamin Netanyahu by becoming Prime Minister of Israel - 06/15/2021

ISRAEL. After twelve years in power as Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu must step aside for his rival Naftali Bennett.

Isaac Herzog elected president of Israel as coalition prepares to unseat Benyamin Netanyahu - 06/03/2021

ISRAEL. The son of a former president, Isaac Herzog was elected to the position by Knesset members on the same day as the announcement that opponents of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu had signed a government agreement.

European Council endorses the use of a common debt issue - 06/01/2021

E.U.. The European Commission will be able to launch the process of issuing a common debt on the own resources of the twenty-seven Member States. A first.

Bashar al-Assad elected for a fourth term with 95% of the vote - 05/28/2021

SYRIA. Without any suspense, Bashar el-Assad came out on top in the presidential election, obtaining 95.1% of the votes.

Integration advances in the Mediterranean, but at a reduced speed - 05/27/2021

MEDITERRANEAN. Entrusted by the Union for the Mediterranean to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the publication of the first report on regional integration in the Mediterranean will serve as a basis for measuring its evolution.

Covid-19: EU releases an additional €286.5 million for France, Malta and Slovenia - 05/26/2021

FRANCE / MALTA / SLOVENIA. To combat the social and economic impact of the coronavirus crisis, the European Commission has approved the modification of five operational programmes in three Mediterranean countries for an amount of €286.5 million.

Ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian armed groups - 05/21/2021

ISRAEL / PALESTINE. After eleven days of deadly clashes, Israeli authorities and Palestinians from Hamas and Islamic Jihad agreed to a ceasefire.
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