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The text of the new Tunisian constitution is in the hands of the President of the Republic - 06/21/2022

TUNISIA. The President of the Tunisian Republic Kaïs Saïed received the text of the new constitution that he is preparing to have voted by referendum on July 25, 2022.

Lebanon to import gas from Egypt to fuel its power plants - 06/20/2022

LEBANON / EGYPT. Lebanon is to sign an agreement described as "definitive" to import gas from Egypt and solve electricity shortages that have plagued the country for years.

Slovenia decides to dismantle the anti-migration barbed wire fence separating it from Croatia - 06/16/2022

SLOVENIA / CROATIA. The new president of the Slovenian government will dismantle the barbed wire fence on its border with Croatia to prevent migrants from crossing into Slovenia.

Tunisia on national strike called by the UGTT € - 06/16/2022

TUNISIA. The powerful General Union of Tunisian Workers (UGTT) calls the 250,000 employees of the sector and the public service to a 24-hour strike.

Libyan parliament approves rival government's budget - 06/16/2022

LIBYA. The Libyan House of Representatives approved the 2022 budget presented by the new Prime Minister Fathi Bachagha, rival of Abdelhamid Dbeibeh, still in office.

Algerian president sacks finance minister - 06/16/2022

ALGERIA. Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune has decided to sack his Finance Minister, Abderrahmane Raouya, who has been in office for less than four months.

EU to buy natural gas from Israel via Egypt - 06/16/2022

ISRAEL / EGYPT / EU. Faced with the new geopolitical reality, the European Union signs a tripartite agreement with Israel and Egypt to increase supplies of Israeli natural gas from Egypt after liquefaction there.

EU releases €50m to help refugees in Turkey - 06/14/2022

TURKEY / EU. The European Commission announces €50m in aid for vulnerable refugees and the communities hosting them in Turkey.

Half of irregular migrants arrive in the EU via the Western Balkans route - 06/14/2022

MEDITERRANEAN. Between January and May 2022, Frontex recorded 86,420 irregular entries at the EU's external borders, an increase of 82% compared to the same period in 2021.

Algiers castigates EU intervention in its bilateral dispute with Spain € - 06/14/2022

ALGERIA / SPAIN. Despite the suspension of a friendship and cooperation treaty, the Algerian government assures that this decision will not affect gas deliveries to Spain.

UN gives Libyan rivals a week to agree on electoral framework - 06/14/2022

LIBYA. As the third and final round of negotiations between Libyan rivals to establish a constitutional framework for elections begins in Cairo, the UN is demanding an agreement by Sunday 19 June 2022.

Egypt is the second largest recipient of foreign direct investment in Africa - 06/14/2022

AFRICA. In African countries, Foreign Direct Investment has reached $83 billion in 2021. A record figure driven in particular by Egypt.

Algeria toughens sanctions against Spain with a boycott of Iberian products € - 06/09/2022

ALGERIA / SPAIN. After unilaterally breaking off all diplomatic relations with Spain, Algeria decided to suspend a friendship treaty signed in 2002 with Madrid and banned imports from Spain.

UN blames Israeli occupation for Israeli-Palestinian conflict - 06/09/2022

ISRAEL / PALESTINE. A commission of enquiry mandated by the UN Human Rights Council has issued a report attributing to Israel the majority of the responsibility for the conflict with the Palestinians.

The EU validates a directive on the setting of legal minimum wages - 06/09/2022

EU. The European Parliament and the Member States of the European Union have reached a political agreement on minimum wages for workers in the EU.
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