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Death of Benedict de Saint-Laurent, former delegate of Anima Investment Network - 05/19/2022

MEDITERRANEAN. learns of the sudden death of Benedict de Saint-Laurent on Tuesday 17 May 2022 at the age of seventy-three.

Enedis obtains €800m from the EIB to connect renewable energies and charging stations - 05/19/2022

FRANCE. Enedis signs a €800m loan with the European Investment Bank to finance the connection of decentralised renewable energies and electric vehicle charging stations in France.

Italy will be able to support the agriculture and fisheries sectors with €1.2 billion - 05/19/2022

ITALY. The European Commission authorises the Italian State to implement a €1.2 billion framework scheme to support the agriculture, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture sectors.

Mediterranean employment ministers want to promote an economy for the benefit of all - 05/19/2022

MEDITERRANEAN. In Marrakech, the employment and labour ministers of the Union for the Mediterranean committed themselves to meeting the challenges of employment and employability for the most vulnerable people, in particular young people and women.

The Lebanese street can now count on thirteen MPs to make its voice heard € - 05/17/2022

LEBANON. The final results of the Lebanese legislative elections show a decline of the parliamentary bloc constituted by Hezbollah, the Amal movement and the Free Patriotic Current which loses its majority.

Shiites could lose their majority in the Lebanese parliament - 05/17/2022

LEBANON. The abstention was the big winner of the legislative elections in Lebanon which could see a change of majority in the Parliament.

Egypt plans to sell $24bn worth of public assets € - 05/17/2022

EGYPT. The Egyptian government presents a plan including urgent measures to support the Egyptian private sector, improve the business climate and attract foreign direct investment.

Ceuta and Melilla border gates to be raised again € - 05/17/2022

MOROCCO / SPAIN. The announcement of the forthcoming reopening of the border posts of the Spanish enclaves in Morocco of Ceuta and Melilla, two years after their closure, constitutes a new fruit of the détente between the two countries.

European recovery instrument NextGenerationEU gets an additional €9bn - 05/17/2022

EU. The European Commission has been very successful in raising an additional €9bn under its NextGenerationEU stimulus instrument, bringing the total amount issued in 2022 alone to €40bn.

More than €6 billion in pledges for Syria - 05/12/2022

SYRIA. Organised by the European Union in Brussels, the donors' conference for Syria raised $6.7bn (€6.36bn) in pledges.

Sirte becomes the new capital of Libya's parallel government - 05/12/2022

LIBYA. Fathi Bachagha calls on all parties and civil society organisations to engage in a dialogue with him to get out of the institutional crisis that is undermining Libya with two rival prime ministers in office.

French farms, fish farms and Air France employees to receive €420m in aid - 05/12/2022

FRANCE. The European Commission approves €400m of state aid to support French farms and fish farms and proposes to provide €17.7m of support for Air France employees made redundant by the pandemic.

The EBRD forecasts a slowdown in economic growth in the South and East of the Mediterranean - 05/10/2022

MEDITERRANEAN. In its latest regional outlook report, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development foresees a strong impact of the war in Ukraine in the SEMED region with a slowdown of 2.5% in 2022.

French green hydrogen producer Lhyfe launches IPO - 05/10/2022

FRANCE. Lhyfe announces the launch of its initial public offering on Euronext in Paris through a capital increase with the ambition to raise up to €145.5m.

Inflation at its highest in Turkey for twenty years - 05/05/2022

TURKEY. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, annual inflation hit 70% in April 2022, the highest level in two decades.
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