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Covid-19: Europe and the post-economic crisis triggered by the pandemic - 05/05/2020 - Henry Marty-Gauquié, member of JFC Conseil

SPECIAL FILE COVID-19. On 21 April 2020 a poll was published according to which 71% of Italians believed that the European Union had "reacted badly" to the health crisis and that they "no longer see any point in being part of it", while 58% of the same Italians considered that leaving the euro zone could be "a good thing"....

The French: 67 million presidents of the Republic - 04/21/2020 - Jean François Coustillière, member of the JFC Conseil analysis group

We are assailed daily with information, especially on television and on "a-social" networks, through programmes "giving the French a voice", or denouncing the negligence of decision-makers. This propensity, which leads us to believe that only the Covid-19 virus is worthy of interest in world affairs, is at the same time...

Nuclear issues in the Mediterranean - 05/29/2013 - Erzsébet N. Rózsa

From Erzsébet N. Rózsa, Academic Director of the Hungarian Institute of International Affairs

Morocco: work to be done on pooling transport and logistics - 04/23/2013 - M. El Khayat, international expert

As fruit and vegetables are perishable, it is hard for individual producers to independently manage their logistics ”.   In Morocco's fruit and vegetables sector, pooling is more commercial and managerial than logistical. Pool operators do not yet have a full legal status, but a few well-organised structures share...

"Doing more with less" - 04/23/2013 - Xavier Hua, ECR France

ECR France is a joint trade and industry body for the food and non-food branches of the fast-moving consumer goods sector. Its mission is to define and promote good practice and codes of good conduct in relations between manufacturers and retailers.

Seetfel: digitalisation in pooling - 04/23/2013 - Guilhem de Nucé, B2B at SESIN

Each actor in the supply chain can make significant productivity gains when the information required for document exchanges is pooled. ” The ambitious aim of the Seetfel* project is to digitalise all documents exchanged in the fruit and vegetables sector, which comprises producers, logistics service providers (packaging,...

Egypt: Containerisation has led to the development of a traditional sector - 04/18/2013

“ Today, we are the world's second largest shipper of reefer containers ”. Steven Suchet, Reefer Trade Director at CMA CGM (Photo CMA CGM) Every year, Egypt produces five million tonnes of citrus fruit, around 20% of which it exports, essentially to Russia (28%), Saudi Arabia (25%), Persian Gulf countries (10%) and...

“Egypt’s potential hindered by the crisis” - 04/18/2013

“ We must encourage cooperative ventures rather than individual initiatives.”   Hussein Marei – Chairman of the Citrus Council in the Horticultural Export Improvement Agency (HEIA) and Vice Chairman of the Citrus Council in the Agricultural Research Center (ARC) of Egypt. Photo DR The Mediterranean’s third largest...

Exporting citrus fruit requires a rigorously organised logistics chain - 04/18/2013

“ Israel features among the top citrus fruit exporters in the Mediterranean basin ”.   Gad Barak, Logistics Manager at Mehadrin (photo Mehadrin) Israel features among the top citrus fruit exporters in the Mediterranean basin. With 120,000 tonnes exported every year, citrus fruit accounts for 66% of the total...
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