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From "free and democratic Algeria" to "civil and non-military state" - 03/30/2021

When the Algerian people came out in February 2019 to demand political and social change for their country, they wanted an "Algeria...

Trump is gone... - 03/16/2021

Trump has left... Biden is replacing him. As expected, on the international level, relations have been disrupted. If the American strategy does not fundamentally change, the form of the relationship is nevertheless pleasantly affected. But the interests of the United States remain the same and the government will defend them,...

The revival of the Mediterranean tourism sector offers an opportunity to move towards sustainable tourism - 12/23/2020 - Bernard Valero, Director General of the Avitem

Like many others, the tourism sector is being hit hard and globally by the pandemic. In the Mediterranean region, this crisis is even more acute since it has literally decimated a sector of activity that represents a larger share of GDP than elsewhere on all the banks of the Mare Nostrum. Today, in fact, the tourist sector is...

"Unity and the gathering of Mediterraneans are more necessary than ever." - 12/03/2020 - Karim Amellal, Ambassador, Interministerial Delegate for the Mediterranean at the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs

It is already 25 years old, and another world has replaced the one in which the Barcelona Process was born. A world, if not darker, at least more worrying. Today, among us Mediterraneans, the fear of a global pandemic, a climate emergency or terrorism that could blindly strike any one of us dominates.   In this context,...

10 years after the Arab democratic movement, what are the results? - 11/17/2020 - Henry Marty-Gauquié, member of JFC Conseil

Already 10 years ago, on December 17, 2010, the street vendor Mohamed Bouazzizi set himself on fire, triggering the intifada of Sidi Bouzid...

The right to blasphemy, the Koran and exegetical jurisprudence - 10/27/2020 - Sami Bibi, academic and researcher

The savage murder of Professor Samuel Paty is a crime of absolute cruelty. This unspeakable crime has rightly provoked many people to take part in it...

When Covid-19 brings public health and hygiene to question urban planning - 07/24/2020 - Bernard Valero, Director General of the Avitem

The Covid-19 pandemic was truly revealing and raised many questions: about the meaning to be given to the so-called international community at a time when borders were closing and when the temptation of every man for himself was trampling on the desire for solidarity, about territorial and social inequalities brought to light...

After the pandemic: towards resilient cities and territories in the Mediterranean, or the refusal of blindness - 06/16/2020 - Bernard Valero, Director General of the Avitem

SPECIAL FILE COVID-19. While the Covid19 pandemic is still far from over, the "After" is just beginning to take shape, veiled in shadows and uncertainties, tainted by the haunting question of the vaccine and overshadowed by the priority that will be that of restarting national economies and international trade. In this...

"Algeria, my love" raises questions that need to be dug up - 06/02/2020 - Razika Adnani, philosopher and specialist in questions related to Islam

In the documentary film "Algeria, my love" directed by Mustapha Kessous, Anis, Mehdi, Sonia, Athmane and Hania expressed the political and social problems of Algerian society as they lived and thought them. It is up to the Algerians to delve into the subjects addressed, to go deeper into the questions asked and ask other...
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From "free and democratic Algeria" to "civil and non-military state"

Razika Adnani, philosopher and specialist in issues related to Islam, member of the Orientation Council of the Fondation de l'Islam de France, of the Scientific Council of the CEFR and of the analysis group JFC Conseil
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