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A comprehensive update on the socio-economic expertise FEMISE, the Euro-Mediterranean Forum of Economic Institutes: migration policy, economic performance, decentralization, employment, social pact, inequality, economic recovery, growth, SME development, inclusion, tourism, trade, FDI, direct investment abroad, financial integration, knowledge economy, ecology, innovation ... in Algeria, Spain, France, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Portugal, Egypt, Greece, Albania, Croatia, Turkey ...

Femise recommendations to reduce the skills mismatch in the Maghreb job market - 03/11/2020 - Nathalie Bureau du Colombier, MARSEILLE

If in France, the unemployment rate of non-graduates is four times higher than that of graduates, the proportions are reversed in the Maghreb countries. This paradoxical situation prompted Femise economists to analyze ... Version française

"Giving more power to women influences economic development" - 12/20/2019 - Frédéric Dubessy

As part of the Emerging Valley summit, Femise and Institut de la Méditerranée highlighted several initiatives to strengthen the place of women in the economies of the Mediterranean basin. Version française

Repatriation of refugees, between hope and reality - 12/12/2019 - Nathalie Bureau du Colombier, MARSEILLE

With the millions of victims of military and civil conflicts, can Arab Spring Refugees consider a return to their home countries? Version française

The economic benefits of migration - 12/02/2019 - Nathalie Bureau du Colombier, MARSEILLE

Version française

How are Mediterranean countries approaching the energy mix ? - 11/07/2019 - Nathalie Bureau du Colombier, MARSEILLE

How does one bring the right answer when energy needs are constantly increasing and you have to prepare for the post-oil age ? In a report published in September 2019, the think tank makes recommendations on the strategy countries could follow and advocates for the exploitation of two renewable energy sources . Version française

​Help Moroccan SMEs join the international value chains - 10/08/2019 - Nathalie Bureau du Colombier, MARSEILLE

The relocation of production from Asia to the Mediterranean countries which started in 2017 is moving forward... Version française

Syrian refugees boost economic growth in Turkey - 10/03/2019 - Nathalie Bureau du Colombier, MARSEILLE

According to the latest Femise report of September FEM43-05, "The long-term impact of Syrian refugees on the Turkish economy", is positive and will double the GDP increasing from 1.9% to 4% of GDP between 2017 and 2028. Version française

Femise takes a closer look at the difficulties encountered by the Mediterranean private sector - 07/03/2019 - Frédéric Dubessy

As pointed out by the Femise report "The private sector in Mediterranean countries - Main dysfunctions and opportunities for social entrepreneurship", it is only through the development of the private sector that jobs will be created in the southern Mediterranean. The document also recommends promoting the development of social entrepreneurship. Version française
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