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The Mediterranean Institute experiments with social entrepreneurship in Kasserine - 10/30/2012

In a few months’ time an incubator is to open its doors right in the heart of the city, the birthplace of Tunisia’s revolution. The goal? To support economically viable projects that care about sustainable development.
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The Agency for sustainable Mediterranean cities and territories starts its work - 10/30/2012

Initiated by the Mediterranean Institute and DATAR, the Marseille-based agency was launched in February 2012. Its budget and priorities have been set and it is now operational.
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A project to improve air quality in the Mediterranean - 10/30/2012

The World Med Institute has gained the support of Marseilles, Valence, Tripoli and Aqaba for a project designed to improve air quality in these coastal cities, all of them faced with the simultaneous challenges of industrialisation and tourism.
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Come together, CoopMed to the rescue - 10/30/2012

Spurred into action by the financial crisis and the desire in the wake of the Arab Spring to build a modern and diverse economy, the southern Mediterranean countries are trying to find different ways to grow. CoopMed is a timely initiative to help bring about solidarity finance aimed at helping SMEs and encouraging job creation.
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