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Euro-Mediterranean projects
A comprehensive update on the Euro-Mediterranean projects with the European Investment Bank (EIB): eco-labeling, tunnel Gibraltar HIGHWAY Transmaghrébine, climate change, microcredit, FEMIP, energy future Mediterranean iron automotive innovation, Logismed Medgaz , water resources, LGV, medinas ... in Algeria, Lebanon, Syria, Spain, France, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Portugal, Egypt, Greece, Albania, Croatia, Turkey, Libya, Palestine, Jordan

LOGISMED is on track - 10/30/2012 - Frédéric Dubessy avec la BEI

The LOGISMED initiative led by the EIB is now entering its implementation phase. The creation of a network of Euro-Mediterranean logistic platforms is now taking shape. MEDITERRANEAN. A European Investment Bank (EIB) initiative, LOGISMED aims to develop the logistic sector in Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPCs) through the...

In France, 35% of loans from the EIB support community projects - 10/30/2012 - Caroline Garcia, avec la BEI

The European Investment Bank commits its funds to local projects. As long as they stick to their priorities for action: infrastructure, sustainable development, innovation and SMEs. FRANCE. Nearly €5 billion – that is the amount the European Investment Bank (EIB) invested in France in 2011.  Loans in France by the...
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