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A comprehensive review of talent at the service of a new economy in the Mediterranean, with Anima Investment Network: migration policy, economic performance, decentralization, employment, social pact, inequalities, economic recovery, growth, SME development, inclusion, tourism, trade, FDI, foreign direct investment, financial integration, knowledge economy, ecology, innovation ... in Algeria, Spain, France, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Portugal, Egypt, Greece, Albania, Croatia, Turkey ...

SDGs increasingly conditioning FDI - 11/23/2021

The economic crisis brought about by Covid-19 has affected foreign direct investment, with a filtering process favouring North over South and a prioritising of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Mobilizing diasporas investment – A challenge for economic development agencies - 07/22/2021

To attract funds from the diasporas, Mediterranean economic development agencies need to target their searches, as explained by the Anima Investment Network and applied by the FIPA in Tunisia.

Digitalisation of Mediterranean business services boosted by pandemic - 06/22/2021

Digitalisation was already underway in Mediterranean organisations providing services to business. The Covid-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns have reinforced the argument of its urgent necessity. Version française

Start-ups and tech transfers boosting Mediterranean clusters - 06/10/2021

Mediterranean clusters need to find a new direction in order to better reconcile local industries’ needs with the innovation emanating from research stakeholders and start-ups. Version française

Private and public sector working together in Mediterranean innovation - 02/04/2021

From the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region to Tunisia, via Spain, institutions and innovation stakeholders are working more closely together to counter the effects of the pandemic and prepare for the post Covid-19 world. Version française

Covid-19 crisis boosting innovation in Mediterranean - 01/26/2021

Mediterranean countries have mobilized their innovation skills to find solutions to the economic fallout from Covid-19, skills that will help them adapt to the post Covid world. Version française

Diaspora a springboard for French strategic partnership policy in Africa - 12/17/2020

Supported by the European Union, French Development Agency (AFD), the German Agency for International Cooperation and the Anima Investment Network, the Meet Africa II programme provides an additional tool for French policy on development aid to support entrepreneurship in Africa, a policy that focuses on the diaspora.
Version française

Souad Elmallem – Bringing Canada’s aircraft expertise to Morocco - 11/23/2020

A member of the Moroccan diaspora in North America, Souad Elmallem managed to convince her bosses to set up Bombardier’s first African venture in her home country.
Version française


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