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INVESTMED supporting young and women at head of innovating enterprises - 12/03/2020

In Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon, the INVESTMED project will provide support to innovating SMEs and start-up run by young and women entrepreneurs. Version française

EMEA economists gauge Euro-Mediterranean regional integration - 10/07/2020

Using a multidimensional approach, economists at the EMEA have put forward a regional integration matrix that measures the degree of convergence between sub-regions in the Mediterranean through a set of 80 indicators. Version française

Brain drain benefits Southern Mediterranean countries - 07/03/2020

Three policy papers published by the EMNES (Euro-Mediterranean Network for Economic Studies) examine the complex issue of legal immigration in the Mediterranean area and its paradoxical consequences. Encouraging it on one hand reduces illegal immigration, while on the other it leads to a brain drain from south to north. Version française

EMEA’s Mediterranean economists examining coronavirus responses - 04/28/2020

The Euro-Mediterranean Economists’ Association (EMEA) has been poring over reports of the Covid-19 spread in ten countries and analysing the political responses, with a view to limiting the pandemic’s economic impact. Version française

Emea and Emnes issue roadmap for blue transition in Mediterranean - 04/16/2020

The Mediterranean economists at the Emea and Emnes are putting forward a blue transition scenario for the Mediterranean based on a common Euro-Mediterranean project, a regional strategy and joint action plans. Version française

Southern Mediterranean private sector failing to create enough jobs - 08/27/2019

MEDITERRANEAN. In Southern Mediterranean countries, the private sector is having trouble hiring. Faced with this sizeable problem, companies are also failing in their lack of ambition or inadequate financial capacities. All factors that are hindering their development and preventing their positioning on export markets.

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