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Creact4Med aiming to boost creative industries in Mediterranean - 02/01/2022

Coordinated by the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association, the European Creact4Med project intends to highlight the important role played by cultural and creative industries in the Southern Mediterranean. Version française

Financial inclusion – A means of resilience for Southern mediterranean countries - 12/23/2021

According to a study carried out by the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA) and the Euro-Mediterranean Network for Economic Studies (EMNES), financial inclusion was a key factor of resilience in Southern mediterranean countries. Version française

Blue transition to boost Mediterranean GDPs - 10/28/2021

A study by the Euro-Mediterranean Economists’ Association and the Euro-Mediterranean Network for Economic Studies shows the positive effects of the blue economy on Mediterranean countries’ GDP and unemployment levels.Version française

Education and training need to adapt better to crises in Arab Mediterranean countries - 06/03/2021

The latest study by the EMNES’ Mediterranean economists has pointed out weaknesses in educational and training systems and policies in Arab Mediterranean countries in the face of the pandemic. Version française

EMEA sets out Covid-19 economic resilience foundations - 02/11/2021

According to the economists at the Euro-Mediterranean Economists’ Association, early warning, crisis management and stimulus are the three crucial pillars on which to base any response to a pandemic-induced economic crisis. Version française

Mediterranean health systems tested by Covid-19 - 01/14/2021

A lack of budgetary means and chronic structural socio-economic weaknesses have prevented an adequate political response to the coronavirus pandemic in the six countries studied by the Euro-Mediterranean Economists’ Association. Version française

INVESTMED supporting young and women at head of innovating enterprises - 12/03/2020

In Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon, the INVESTMED project will provide support to innovating SMEs and start-up run by young and women entrepreneurs. Version française

EMEA economists gauge Euro-Mediterranean regional integration - 10/07/2020

Using a multidimensional approach, economists at the EMEA have put forward a regional integration matrix that measures the degree of convergence between sub-regions in the Mediterranean through a set of 80 indicators. Version française
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