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With Monaco Cyber Security, Monaco Digital strengthens its data protection services

Written by Frédéric Dubessy on Tuesday, October 19th 2021 à 10:30 | Read 781 times

MONACO. Monaco Digital (ex-Avangarde and ex-Monaco Informatique Service) is launching its subsidiary Monaco Cyber ​​Security dedicated to solutions for securing and protecting the integrity of companies' IT data. This announcement was made during the Cybersecurity Conference (13 to 16 October 2021 in Monaco).

"We quickly saw the need to help develop a security foundation by creating our first cybersecurity service centre back in 2016," recalls Françoise Milatos, Deputy Managing Director of Monaco Digital (235 employees, €36m turnover and five sites: Monaco, Biot, La Bouilladisse -near Aix-en-Provence- and Paris). In 2018, the company was awarded the first PASSI (Information Systems Security Audit Provider) certificate in the Principality.

"Faced with ever-increasing defence needs, we decided to create a pure "player", a fully-fledged company dedicated to cybersecurity for all companies in Monaco and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, regardless of their size."  These will mainly be private companies that will benefit from the provision of expertise and resources.

Sébastien Massé, who already works at Monaco Digital, has been appointed deputy managing director of Monaco Cyber ​​Security. "We are going to build on the experience we have acquired over the last six years at Monaco Digital with the aim of ensuring that our offers support companies in the protection and development of digital uses", he comments. "Too many companies think that it is enough to deploy technologies, but they also need to carry out surveillance to be able to detect incidents (...) Especially as more and more employees, with teleworking, are connecting remotely, increasing the risks", continues Sébastien Massé.

Low maturity of companies in cybersecurity

Françoise Milatos, Rear Admiral Dominique Riban and Sébastien Massé launched Monaco Cyber Security during the Cyber Security Conference (photo: F.Dubessy)
Françoise Milatos, Rear Admiral Dominique Riban and Sébastien Massé launched Monaco Cyber Security during the Cyber Security Conference (photo: F.Dubessy)
For Rear Admiral Dominique Riban, Managing Director of Monaco Cyber ​​Security and an expert in this field, "our ambition is to complement the work of the AMSN (Monegasque Digital Security Agency) which focuses on State services and vital operators. It does not have the means to help smaller companies, even though it publishes guidelines and guides". Sébastien Massé adds, "We will offer the same level of service to companies."

The new entity's offerings are divided into four parts: Consultancy and control through auditing ; ensuring cyber defence by offering incident detection and response services ; raising awareness and training in digital security by drawing on the writings of AMSN and ANSSI (The National Cybersecurity Agency of France) in France ; and developing an ecosystem conducive to trust in digital, by creating links with national and international industrial or state partners.

Monaco Cyber ​​Security will also offer a subscription to a dedicated team (CISRT: Computer Information Security Response Team) capable of preparing a response in the event of a problem, then acting not only in remediation, but also in reconstruction. "To respond to an incident, you must first be prepared, both in terms of technology and organisation," insists Sébastien Massé.

"We have no limits on recruitment, but our requirements will be high," François Milatos told, while a team of twenty consultants already exists within Monaco Digital and will migrate to the new structure. The Centre, which provided this type of service before the creation of Monaco Cyber Security, worked for around fifty clients. It is expected to achieve a turnover of around €2m in 2021. "Since the beginning of the year, some thirty incidents have been dealt with in Monaco", reveals Rear Admiral Dominique Riban, to show "the still low level of maturity of companies" on this subject.

MONACO, the first European state to have a sovereign cloud
At the beginning of October 2021, the Principality launched its own sovereign cloud to process its government data, but also to offer services to businesses. It is the first country in Europe to have a state-owned "digital cloud".
Operated by Monaco Cloud, a mixed company created for the occasion and with 100% Monegasque capital, with the State holding a majority stake, the infrastructure, which is intended to bypass the offerings of the American giants, is based on three data centres: two located in Monaco and a backup in Luxembourg.


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