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Who are we?

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The Euro-Mediterranean area will be at the heart of political and economic challenges in the coming years.  But it is yet to be built. wants to help achieve this goal by contributing to the exchange of information between the different actors. is a genuine information medium, powered by professional journalists.

It is providing economic information on the entire Mediterranean basin, with a particular emphasis on the western Mediterranean.  Anyone, from economic and political decision-makers to students, can find economic information on the Mediterranean (investments, partnerships, facilities) gathered on the same medium. No need to surf different sites. aspires to be an independent information tool allowing readers to analyse real-time economic news.  To do this, publishes a daily newsletter sent to over 4,400 subscribers.

Referenced by “Google News” internationally. is read in forty countries, mainly in France Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.


Number of Visits

- 120,000 visits  per month. We see strong growth every month, with a marked increase since the beginning of 2010.

- France: 60%, Morocco 10%, Algeria 6%, Tunisia 4%. The remaining total is divided between the other Mediterranean countries and the Anglo-Saxon countries.
Who are we?

The Team

- A director of publication.

- 15 journalists, who are press card holders, based in France and in the mediterranean countries.

The team is an independent media. Our largest customer represents less than 20% of the company's annual turnover. In 2017, our main clients or partners are: EPAEM Euroméditerranée, Marfret, Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur Region, Provence Promotion, Ademe.

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About is an independent media that deals with the daily economic news of the countries bordering the Mediterranean. Economic cooperation, business news by sector (Industry, Services, Transport, Environment, Society/Institutions), thematic files, airport news, airlines and shipping companies (new destinations)... are treated and analysed by a team of journalists present in the Mediterranean basin. Subscribe to To be the first to know, with unlimited access to all articles. To receive the weekly newsletters and special newsletters sent as soon as our files are published. Automatically renewable subscription, but the reader keeps control of it or yearly subscription. For individuals or professionals...