Western Sahara survey (in 3 parts)

Survey on the question of Western Sahara Part 3/3: Economic data. A desert full of resources - 12/22/2020

Deposits of phosphate and rare minerals not yet exploited, energy (wind and water power), communication routes (trans-Saharan road), and above all very rich fishery resources, Western Sahara does not fail to arouse economic covetousness. Version française

Survey on the issue of Western Sahara Part 2/3: Normalization of Moroccan-Israeli relations. The counterpart to American recognition - 12/17/2020

MOROCCO / ISRAEL. The announcement of the rapprochement between Morocco and Israel will have not only political, but also economic and geopolitical consequences.

Inquiry into the Question of Western Sahara Part 1/3: The Political Equation. Western Sahara, a conflict sandbagged in its contradictions - 12/16/2020

Violation of the ceasefire signed in 1991, recognition of Morocco's sovereignty over Western Sahara by the United States, events have accelerated in recent days on the issue of the status of this territory unresolved since the end of the Spanish protectorate.


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