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Volotea positions itself in Algeria by opening eight routes serving seven Algerian cities

Written by Eric Apim on Monday, March 15th 2021 à 17:42 | Read 476 times

Volotea has had a base in Marseille since April 2018 (photo: F.Dubessy)
Volotea has had a base in Marseille since April 2018 (photo: F.Dubessy)
FRANCE / ALGERIA. Volotea (7.6 million passengers carried in 2019) is adding a new country, Algeria, to its offer. In September 2021, it will serve eight Algerian destinations from Marseille, Bordeaux and Lyon for a total of 350,000 seats per year (out of the 4 million available). Operations to Algeria, seven cities served, will increase the capacity of the Catalan airline in France by 9% in terms of available seats.

These announcements are the result of the resumption in January 2020 of the slots occupied by Aigle Azur on Algeria, after the bankruptcy of the French company.

From Marseille, Volotea will offer services to six Algerian cities (Oran, Annaba, Constantine, Sétif, Béjaïa and Tlemcen) with a total of 218,000 seats per year offered. Flights will start between September 16 and 18, 2021 (depending on the city) and at a rate of two flights per week for each route, except for Marseille-Oran which will benefit from four rotations per week from September 16, 2021.

Algiers from Bordeaux

Volotea is already well established at Marseille Provence airport, where it inaugurated a base in April 2018. With the Algerian routes, it will have thirty-one destinations from this city for its spring-summer program. Escapes him only the Marseille-Alger, entrusted by Cohor, an independent association for the coordination of slots in French airports, to Air France. Second destination of the Phocaean airport after London, this link represented, in 2018 before the problems of the company Aigle Azur, 24% of traffic on the Marseille Algiers with 321,000 passengers.

Volotea will however serve Algiers, but from Bordeaux with two weekly flights from September 16, 2021.

Finally, the Catalan company will add Sétif to the destinations offered from its base in Lyon-Saint Exupéry with three weekly flights, from September 17, 2021.



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