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" The key to real growth is through Green growth"

Written by Caroline Garcia, MARSEILLE on Monday, March 3rd 2014 à 16:30 | Read 430 times

Leo Brincat, maltese Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change will hold until 2016 the presidency of the Mediterranean Commission for Sustainable Development during the two next years, in charge of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development review process.

Leo Brincat, president of the Mediterranean Commission for Sustainable Development of the UNEP/MAP (photo blog Leo Brincat)
Leo Brincat, president of the Mediterranean Commission for Sustainable Development of the UNEP/MAP (photo blog Leo Brincat) :  Which role Malta will play in the MSSD review process during the two next years ?
Leo Brincat : As elaborated during my address to launch of review process we intend to step up co-operation at a regional level while avoiding duplication of effort and fragmentation in various Mediterranean linked initiatives. : Are there prioritary domains in which Malta aim to see the MSSD progress ?
Leo Brincat :
In view of its direct linkage with Sustainable Development and given the economic challenges that many Mediterranean countries are facing right now both in South Europe and North Africa we feel that promoting the Green Economy and fostering the creation of Green jobs should be an overriding priority : In this context of economic crisis and freedom fights in several  mediterranean countries, do the governments really feel concerned by environment field ?

Leo Brincat : There is a tendency for the environment to slip down the scale of priorities as has been happening even in certain EU jurdisctions due to the overwhelming financial and economic concerns. In our opinion this should be even more reason for thinking outside the box and opting for new solutions since yesterday's solutions will surely not address today's and tomorrow's challenges.

This apart, one must realise that the key to real growth is through Green growth and that the economy and the environment should work in synergy with one another rather than considering themselves as a hindrance for one another.


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