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“The innovative concept of the Logistical Wine Warehouse”

Written by Philippe Cahusac on Monday, February 20th 2012 à 21:54 | Read 891 times



By Philippe Cahusac, Director of Épigone

Philippe Cahusac (photo DR)
Philippe Cahusac (photo DR)
Épigone is a subsidiary of Transports Peyrot, which was formed in 1999 to meet the needs of winegrowers and wine-making companies for storage of packaged wines.

We rapidly moved on from simple storage of pallets by rental of spaces to preparation of orders with multiple references and to all destinations, while optimising logistics, which is our core business. This expertise allows us to offer our clients transport services, from collection to final delivery, thus limiting the number of intermediaries between the producer and his client and hence reducing the risks down the logistics chain. This mastery of the total process also allows us to consolidate and therefore to offer lower rates.

This also offers the advantage of a single contact person for the winegrower, who is thus free of the complexities of managing the physical movements and associated regulatory matters. Nevertheless, our transport service is optional, as we respect our clients’ right to choose.

This service relies on strong development of information technology with access to a secure internet site for our clients with real-time tracking of the entries and exits of their wines and any movements up to the final destination, providing all the relevant statistics.

It is very reassuring for them. We comply strictly with the customs procedures and meet the indispensable degree of traceability required by a very complex wine industry regulatory system, thanks to the computerisation of all our procedures, worked out with the assistance of the customs authorities and inspected by the fraud office. Thus we take care of all the customs formalities, including for export to the European Union, and in partnership with customs agents for third countries, including when we fill whole containers for international destinations. This is a very important simplification for the producers, who gain time to develop their sales.

Adaptation to electronic commerce

The great benefit of this tool is that it guarantees perfect traceability of each bottle, whether in storage or in transit, for each and every one of our clients’ references.

We can now also take care of preparation of the bottle, if desired, and can thus provide our clients with an optional supplementary service. Nowadays some winegrowers do their own bottling without a label (known in the trade as “tiré-bouché”) with their supplier or their bottling line; we put wine of theirs that we stock into Pal Boxes, perfectly identified, and on receipt of the order we then label and package according to the destination and the regulatory requirements of the respective country.

It is this global service which explains the development of Épigone, and it is in the framework of this growth that we have decided to create a new depot in Béziers with a capacity of 12,000 m² for 25,000 pallets, in addition to the 4,500 m² of warehouses in Carcassonne. This new facility will allow continuous control of humidity, of temperature, and even of brightness of light, because certain types of light, for example ultraviolet, can be harmful to wine. Given this level of quality we are calling the Béziers Ouest warehousing location our “Logistical Wine Warehouse”. It is located in the “ZA Ouest” industrial zone, which is easily accessible. It will be operational in April 2012.

In addition, we are adapting our logistics activity to meet the requirements of electronic commerce, which is booming, and all this in co-ordination with our clients’ sites to centralise order intake and offer shipment in real time.

Special issue : Ensuring the logistical safety and security of Mediterranean wines

En français : La logistique des vins méditerranéens

Special issue in partnership with Vinisud  

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