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The Effects of Syrian Refugees on the Labor Markets of Host Middle Eastern and European Countries

Published in May 2018. Written by Roby Nathanson and Khalid Sekka

Les effets des réfugiés syriens sur les marchés de l’emploi des pays d’accueil

Since 2011, over 5.3 million refugees made their way from Syria to hos ng Middle Eastern end European countries. Middle Eastern countries that absorbed the majo- rity of refugees are Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan...


In Europe, Germany and Sweden ab- sorbed the largest number of Syrian refugees. This large number of refugees brought the ques on of their impact on wage growth and unemployment rates to the center of poli cal discourse. This Brief examines this impact. It has been found that except for Jordan, the refugees had no impact on the growth in wages and in none of the examined countries the refugees had any impact on unemployment rates...

Wednesday, May 16th 2018
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