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The Algiers Declaration


At the close of the 4th MEDENER International Conference in Algiers, the participants issued a declaration in which they:

Recognize the urgent need to accelerate energy efficiency policy moves and the promotion of renewable energy sources in the Mediterranean countries' energy mix in order to speed up the energy transition process in the region;

Acknowledge the role of local authorities on the path towards energy transition, recognized in the Covenant of Mayors, and their close cooperation with energy agencies in responding to the latter's' needs for strategic and technical support, expertise and exchange of best practices at the regional level;

Underline the urgency of moving forward quickly on the official launch of the Mediterranean Platform for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency  and urge the Union for the Mediterranean's secretariat to assemble a group of energy experts to oversee the harmonization and coordination of the three themed platforms' work;

Invite countries who are members of the Union for the Mediterranean process to contribute to drawing up action plans for each of the three themed platforms, with a view to identifying concrete partnership projects, and to monitoring their progress;

Underline the need for better coordination in regional technical assistance projects to capitalize upon their results and foster the transfer of skills and the dissemination of best practices and to create an environment that will boost investment in energy transition.  

Insist on the importance of national contributions at COP21 in achieving the goals for energy transition, the implementation of which is due to be reiterated at COP22, for which MEDCOP22 will be a key milestone for the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Special issue : Medener-energy transition with ADEME

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Tuesday, July 19th 2016

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