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The Airbus redundancy plan will not include any dry layoffs in France

Written by Frédéric Dubessy on Tuesday, October 13th 2020 à 15:01 | Read 611 times

The future green aircraft will save jobs (photo: Airbus)
The future green aircraft will save jobs (photo: Airbus)
FRANCE. The management of Airbus signed, on Monday 12 October 2020 after four months of negotiations, two agreements with the unions in the framework of its job protection plan. The consequences of Covid-19 on its industry had led the aeronautical manufacturer to announce, in July 2020, 15,000 job cuts, including 5,000 in France (down to 4,200), mainly in Toulouse (3,400).

But, according to these agreements, all the departures on the French sites will be on a voluntary basis. "It is a great satisfaction. There won't be any dry dismissals (...) We'll get there at the end of March by the opening of a final negotiation which will enable us to reach zero contract redundancies. We have a commitment from the management in this direction", affirms Dominique Delbouis, FO coordinator for the Airbus group. In the event of an insufficient number of voluntary departures compared to management's forecasts by March 2021 (instead of the 31 December 2020 initially set), new negotiations would take place on an adjustment of departures or additional savings measures.

At least 1,000 jobs will be affected by early retirement (compared with 650 before the agreements), 400 will naturally retire and another 400 will be able to set up their own businesses. The long-term partial activity (APLD) will enable 1,500 jobs to be saved, mainly in production, and the Corac (aeronautical research), 500, assigned to the future green aircraft project.

A leaflet from the Airbus Force Ouvrière (FO) union, the majority in the company, notes: "when social dialogue wins, it is Airbus which wins and it is the employees who win". And indicates, "we have never denied the effects of this dramatic crisis on Airbus. We have just imposed ourselves to find solutions, so as not to add a crisis to the crisis", while specifying "however, it is essential and urgent to find the means to get out of this health drama and its economic and social repercussions as quickly as possible".

FO, the CFE-CGC for whom "Airbus is on the right track so that there will be no forced departure", and the CFTC initialled these two texts. But not the CGT, which refuses to "endorse a plan which contains measures for dry layoffs, nor the agreement on the APLD which does not allow for the protection of all employees", according to its central union delegate at Airbus, Patrice Thébault.


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