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Special issue: Fostering women's participation in Mediterranean economic life

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Special issue: Fostering women's participation in Mediterranean economic life
The Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean is organising a conference on “Fostering women’s participation in economic life” to be held in Barcelona from 19 to 21 May 2015. The conference will provide a forum for in-depth dialogue among interested stakeholders.
Discussions will build upon the outcomes of the UfM Ministerial Conference on strengthening the role of women in society (Paris, 11 September 2013) and the first Barcelona Conference on women’s empowerment (26 and 27 March 2014).
This conference on “Fostering women’s participation in economic life”, has three aims: to provide a platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue and facilitate networking and partnerships among promoters of women’s participation and donors; to allow delegates to exchange experiences and best practices while identifying new opportunities; and finally, to promote new regional projects and innovative initiatives.

Women as drivers of economic development in the Mediterranean

Encouraging women's participation in the economy is not merely a social issue; it is also essential for development. Read more


Giving a voice to women in Mediterranean media

Better integrating women into the media while tackling stereotypes would not only bolster their economic power but also ensure a greater variety of information.  That is exactly what the MedMedia project, supported by the European Union, is aiming to achieve. Read more


Med NC, a new chance for Mediterranean women

The New Chance Mediterranean Network (Med NC) is building on its experience from the Second Chance Schools rolled out successfully in Marseille and across France.  It allows young women in particular to benefit from personalised career support, to end their exclusion from the labour market. Read more


A social, solidarity… and female economy

The Social and Solidarity Economy is playing an active role in the economic integration of women in the Mediterranean. View of Rodérick Egal, president of iesMed (Innovation & Social Economy in the Mediterranean) cooperative company. Read more


"One village, one product", and women at the helm

The European Neighbourhood Policy's "One village, one product" scheme aims to promote the emergence of women in agricultural area development. Read more


Supporting female entrepreneurship

After a first successful phase, the Union for the Mediterranean "Young women as job creators" scheme, developed by female business leaders, has been extended to three more countries, namely Egypt, Tunisia and Albania. Read more


"We need to educate people about citizenship"

The "Training responsible citizens" project, which has been approved by the Union for the Mediterranean and is founded on a government/NGO partnership, aims to contribute to instilling values of interdependent and sustainable development, freedom and gender equality from school age. Chiara Guidetti, managing director of Ideaborn, explains the issues involved in this approach for Mediterranean women. Read more


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