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Special PPP issue

“Restructure, rehabilitate and upgrade the deteriorating services” - 10/08/2012 - Caroline Garcia, MARSEILLE

Bassam Saleh, Assistant Secretary General for Technical Affairs and WAJ Disi Project Manager, Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Jordan "In recent decades Jordan witnessed rapid and significant population growth with which the infrastructures and services could not cope. Additionally the efficiency of the existing...

“Do not yield to the temptation of building quickly on the cheap" - 10/08/2012 - Frédéric Dubessy

Without doubt, PPP can be a driver of growth In the Mediterranean to help meet the infrastructure requirements in countries surrounding the Mediterranean.  More than ever, with the influence and pressure being brought to bear by the people on governments in northern Mediterranean countries, we are certain...

“Lebanon is ideally suited for PPP” - 10/08/2012 - Caroline Garcia, MARSEILLE

Ziad Hayek, Secretary General of the Higher Council for Privatization, Lebanon Over the last 15 years, and as a result of limited budget resources, Lebanon has made no significant investments in infrastructure. As a result, the growth of its economy has been severely constrained. In the power sector, for example, a generation...

Public-private partnerships grow in Morocco - 05/24/2011 - Christelle Marot, PARIS

MOROCCO. Transport, water and electricity distribution, drainage and education: in Morocco, the private provision of a number of public services is becoming more commonplace.

Public-private partnerships attempt to get off the ground in Tunisia - 05/24/2011 - Rym Tlili, à TUNIS

TUNISIA. A number of handicaps have hindered the implementation of the PPP model in Tunisia, despite the financial support provided to Tunisia by the European Investment Bank and the African Development Bank.

Israeli public-private partnerships multiply in Israel - 05/24/2011 - Hélène Lesman, JERUSALEM

ISRAEL. Since the early 2000s, twenty projects have already been carried out as public-private partnerships (PPP) in Israel, in which the government has invested more than 33 billion shekels (€6.6 billion).

FEMIP wants to develop public-private partnerships south of the Mediterranean - 05/24/2011 - Christiane Navas, NICE

MEDITERRANEAN. FEMIP, the financial arm of the EIB, has put a technical assistance programme in place to encourage partner Mediterranean countries to resort to PPP in order to accelerate the realisation of their major infrastructure programmes.

Turkey has experience with PPP - 05/24/2011 - Guillaume Perrier, à ISTANBUL

TURKEY. In Turkey, a growing number of infrastructure projects are financed by PPP. Important amendments to legislation have allowed this model to become commonplace.
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