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Serma Energy sets up in Spain and will open a test center in Valladolid

Written by Eric Apim on Tuesday, September 28th 2021 à 11:00 | Read 559 times

Serma will open a test center in Valladolid (photo: Serma Group)
Serma will open a test center in Valladolid (photo: Serma Group)
SPAIN / FRANCE. The French group Serma, specialized in expertise, consulting and testing for electronic technologies, embedded systems and information systems, announces the creation of a subsidiary in Spain, Serma Energy Iberica. Based in Valladolid, it will be attached to Serma Energy, created in 2018, which offers manufacturers, mainly in the automotive market, a complete panel of tests, qualitative and normative certifications for batteries (cells, modules and packs), power electronics (converters, on-board or fixed chargers) and electrical machines (e-motors, powertrains, drones, Smartgrids...).

At the same time, Serma is going to develop a test center in Valladolid as part of its partnership with Renault. The car manufacturer has a large production and R&D center in this city. The Serma Energy Iberica platform should be operational in November 2021. It will focus primarily on testing Renault's hybrid and plug-in hybrid batteries by carrying out verification and functional tests. However, it will eventually serve other local customers as well.

Several locations planned in France

Founded in January 1991 by the merger of several laboratories in Bordeaux, Serma (€116.38 million in sales in 2020 and 1,200 employees) already has about 15 sites in France, but also in Germany, Belgium, Tunisia (since 2008 via Serma Technologies at the El Gazala Ariana technology center in Tunis), and now Spain.

In January 2019, Serma had opened a 5,000-square-meter testing, expertise and testing platform in Pessac, its historical headquarters. The group also plans to set up operations in Rhône-Alpes, Occitania and Nouvelle-Aquitaine.


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