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Seetfel: digitalisation in pooling

By Guilhem de Nucé, head of B2B at SESIN* – Seetfel project leader

Written by Guilhem de Nucé, B2B at SESIN on Tuesday, April 23rd 2013 à 10:33 | Read 772 times

Guilhem de Nucé, head of B2B at SESIN - Seetfel project leader (Photo GdN)
Guilhem de Nucé, head of B2B at SESIN - Seetfel project leader (Photo GdN)
Each actor in the supply chain can make significant productivity gains when the information required for document exchanges is pooled. ”

The ambitious aim of the Seetfel* project is to digitalise all documents exchanged in the fruit and vegetables sector, which comprises producers, logistics service providers (packaging, maximising production, transport), traders, government agencies and distributors in direct contact with consumers (hypermarkets, supermarkets, public eateries, canteens, etc.).  

Each actor in the supply chain can make significant productivity gains when the information required for document exchanges is pooled.  

This is not to the detriment of those who have already developed IT solutions; in fact, these service providers are an integral part of the process, which involves adapting the applications of the different actors so they can send and receive electronic documents.

Prototype development

The project concerns imports, exports and the domestic market. Seetfel undertakes to manage relationships with government departments (customs, phytosanitary and anti-fraud services) efficiently in order to facilitate the management of import and export flows. This process takes into account transport and logistics, which are essential to both imports and exports.  

Seetfel was launched six months ago and has just completed its first phase of detailed specification analysis. We are now entering the prototype and pilot development phase, involving the various supply chain actors.

To this end, we are always on the lookout for new partners keen to tell us their digitalisation needs so we can help them to draw up specifications, establish business models and deploy prototypes.

We will not need many resources for this.  

Seetfel was successful in the call for proposals of the "Investissements d'Avenir" [Investments for the Future] programme backed by the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (a French state-run bank and investment fund) and has been approved by the business clusters PEIFL (the European innovation cluster for fruit and vegetables) and Nov@log (the French innovation cluster for multimodal transport).

The award-winning consortium comprises IT service providers (SESIN, MGI and SRCI specialising in electronic data interchange, or EDI, and cooperative working - intercompany flows), a research laboratory, AFNeT (a French association promoting e-business) and SNIFL (the French union of fruit and vegetables importers and exporters) at Saint Charles International.  

GS1 France and its global parent organisation are closely involved in the project as a member of the steering committee.  

We expect significant benefits in the form of more reliable information, increased productivity (as a result of fewer inputs) and greater mobility. 

Seetfel is not expensive to implement and will also help to improve traceability through the monitoring mechanism built into each process.    

* SESIN is a developer of digitalisation, process and document management solutions.  

* Seetfel stands for Système Intégré d’Echanges Electroniques pour le Commerce et le Transport de Fruits et de Légumes [Integrated System of Electronic Exchange for the Sale and Transportation of Fruit and Vegetables].

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