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Refugees and hosting countries : integration models and cooperation policy options

Published in March 2019. Directed by Marco Zupi and Alberto Mazzali.

Economic exclusion, as the lack of participation to the production and consumption processes as well as of income distribution processes, is a central component of multidimensional social exclusion, the complex combination of processes depriving individuals and groups of access to a proper life style affecting their relation capacities.


Economic inclusion has become one of the main topics of the international debate on strategies addressing refugee crisis, often confusing inclusion with integration. The implicit assumption of inclusion paradigm is that the refugees represent a weaker group of the population. Nonetheless, the approach to address their needs should not be restricted to the integration, as a crucial dimension of citizenship is diversity and autonomy, whenever refugees, with their individuality and their particular competences and restrictions are accepted as diversity and an enhancement to society...

Friday, March 1st 2019
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