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Naftali Bennett dethrones Benjamin Netanyahu by becoming Prime Minister of Israel

Naftali Bennett becomes Prime Minister of Israel (Knesset photo)
Naftali Bennett becomes Prime Minister of Israel (Knesset photo)
ISRAEL. After twelve years in power, Benjamin Netanyahu had to give up his post of Prime Minister to his former supporter who became his rival Naftali Bennett on Sunday evening. The latter obtained sixty votes from the Knesset deputies out of 119 present. A number just enough (to one vote) to obtain a vote of confidence, by the Israeli Parliament, for his new government.
Appointed by President Reuven Rivlin in early April 2021, Benjamin Netanyahu, winner with his Likud party of the March 2021 legislative elections, but without a majority, had failed to form a team.
The brain behind the operation, Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid party - centre), leader of the opposition, convinced eight parties (two from the left, two from the centre, three from the right and one Arab) to join him in a future government of national unity. This heterogeneous coalition, tailored to obtain the vote of confidence in the Knesset, had one common point: a fierce desire to end the reign of the now former Prime Minister, mired in three corruption cases.

Benyamin Netanyahu wants to "bring down" the new government

Following this agreement, the post of Prime Minister will be rotated. Naftali Bennett of the Yamina Party (radical right) will first hold the post before handing it over to Yair Lapid mid-term, in 2023.
Forty-nine years old, Naftali Bennett has served several times as minister (Education, Diaspora, Defence) in the governments of Benyamin Netanyahu. He was also a member of the Security Cabinet. The politician, former boss of a start-up (Cyotta) specialising in the fight against Internet fraud, was a member of the Likud and was also appointed head of the campaign office of Benyamin Netanyahu’s party from 2006 to 2008. He left the Likud in 2012 to join the far-right Jewish Home party.
As soon as he was appointed, the new Prime Minister indicated that he would work for the "whole" Israeli population, including the Arab minority, but also the ultra-Orthodox Jews, although not represented in the new coalition. Benyamin Netanyahu did not come to terms with his defeat. The leader of the Likud, and now of the opposition, promises to "bring down" the new government and assures that he will be "back soon" in power.
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Eric Apim

Tuesday, June 15th 2021

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