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Morocco signs a security cooperation agreement with Israel

Written by Gérard Tur on Thursday, November 25th 2021 à 16:45 | Read 995 times

After the political, the military and the economic. One year after the normalisation of relations between Israel and Morocco, the two countries have just signed a historic security cooperation agreement on 24 November.

Morocco and Israel strengthen their relations. The normalisation of relations between Israel and Morocco does not please everyone (photos: F.Dubessy)
Morocco and Israel strengthen their relations. The normalisation of relations between Israel and Morocco does not please everyone (photos: F.Dubessy)
ISRAEL/MOROCCO. Morocco will become a client of Israel in terms of armaments, intelligence and military training. The two major states should even organise joint exercises. Blue Bird Aero Systems, a subsidiary of Aerospace Industries, could partner with a Moroccan player to open a weapons manufacturing plant in Morocco. The delivery of short- and medium-range missiles, armoured vehicles and tanks is also mentioned.
In fact, Morocco already does its "business" in Israel. The Kingdom supplies itself with drones and cyberespionage equipment. Thus, the Pegasus software of the NSO company was used by the Moroccan secret services to spy on French journalists and politicians. Morocco denies this. According to the Globes website, the kingdom has already acquired an anti-drone device designed by Skylock Systems (Avnon Group), the Skylock Dome, as well as several tactical drones from the Israeli company Elbit Systems.

The new balance that is emerging makes the region a little more explosive. Algeria is furious because the Israeli-Moroccan rapprochement took place in exchange for the Trump administration's recognition of the kingdom's sovereignty over the Western Sahara. A double betrayal towards the Palestinians and the Sahrawis, according to Algeria. Diplomatic relations have since been broken off between the two neighbours, who regularly inveigh against each other. If Morocco arms itself with Israel (and implicitly with the United States), Algeria will have to find an ally by looking towards Russia, Iran or China.
The new Israeli-Moroccan friendship leads to military agreements, but also to the development of economic relations. Economic missions have followed one another since August 2021. From 12 to 15 December, the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM) will lead a delegation of seventy business leaders to Tel Aviv. The CGEM and its Israeli counterpart, the IEBO (Israeli Employers and Business Organizations), have already created in March 2021 a Morocco-Israel Business Council intended to support investment projects and joint ventures.

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