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Migration, Comparative Advantages and Knowledge Diffusion In The EU-Mediterranean Region

Publié en septembre 2019. Rédigé par Anna Ferragina, Stefano Iandolo, Erol Taymaz.

The present study explores the trade creation effects of migration flows from the MENA region to EU.2. The issues we wish to investigate is how migration inflows and outflows between MENA and EU contribute in shaping trade of EU destination countries and to creating a process of international diffusion of knowledge between the partners associated with the pattern of international migration. To this purpose we adopt two different trade indicators of intensive and extensive margin...


The choice of EU and MENA countries comes from the different situations the two areas have been experiencing in the last two decades and are supposed to do in the future. All member states of the European Union, indeed, have faced a need of labour...

Monday, September 9th 2019
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