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Mehdi Arifi becomes managing director of credit insurance for the Maghreb at Coface

Written by Frédéric Dubessy on Monday, March 25th 2019 à 13:13 | Read 181 times

Mehdi Arifi joined Coface Morocco in 2015 (photo: Coface)
Mehdi Arifi joined Coface Morocco in 2015 (photo: Coface)
MAGHREB / FRANCE. The French credit insurer Coface (€1.4 bn turnover in 2018 and 4,100 employees) announces, on Sunday 24 March 2019, the appointment of Mehdi Arifi as managing director of credit insurance in the Maghreb, with authority over Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

Mehdi Arifi, who holds several directorships within the Coface group's subsidiaries in the Maghreb, joined Coface Morocco in June 2015 as commercial director before taking over as deputy general manager in October 2018.

This Arts et Métiers Paris Tech engineer graduated in 2016 (preparatory classes at the Lycée Michel Montaigne in Bordeaux), began his career in September 2006 at PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC France) in Paris and then joined the Saham group in May 2010 as a senior auditor. He rose through the ranks within the Moroccan group to become Regional Delegate for Greater Casablanca in charge of sales promotion in June 2012 and Deputy Director of Exclusive Networks Promotion in June 2014.

Coface has been established in Casablanca in Morocco since 2007 and has had a branch in Agadir since 2018. In 2014, it obtained credit insurance approval there and offers Moroccan companies credit insurance solutions to protect them against the risk of non-payment.


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